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Not Your Father’s Toolset – Construction Apps on iPads with DayVue Protectors

Though construction workers still use hammers and wrenches they also use contemporary high-tech tools in the form of construction apps on web-enabled mobile devices. Laptops, iPads and smartphones are quite helpful yet they are also extremely fragile. If you can’t protect your mobile device from scratches, cracks and glare it won’t be of much use to you. Furthermore, if you can’t see the information provided by these apps, completing the project in a thorough and timely manner will prove nearly impossible. You won’t have to worry about these scenarios if you apply NuShield DayVue Antireflective Construction Screen Protectors to your mobile devices.

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Manufacturing Apps: How Mobile Applications are Altering the Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing appsIn today’s economy, nearly any new innovation that hints at an ability to increase a manufacturing firm’s profitability is heartily embraced. Without a doubt, one of the most sweepingly innovative changes to arrive in the manufacturing sector over the past few years has been the use of mobile computing applications — or ‘apps,’ as they’re more commonly known — in the workplace.

The environment of a manufacturing facility is fast-paced and deadline driven. And so any work process development that increases employee productivity without sacrificing safety is more than welcome. In fact, it’s often celebrated, and for good reason:

A Motorola survey recently revealed that that manufacturers who incorporate mobile applications into their processes saved a daily average of 42 minutes per employee.

Who could have guessed that allowing a telephone onto the factory floor would one day be encouraged?

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Tip: Protect Industrial Monitors with NuShield Anti-Glare Films

What do Siemens, Mitsubishi, NCR and Symbol all have in common? They all make industrial monitors that are well protected with NuShield screen protectors. According to the numerous comments we get from customers, the NuShield Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector is the best way to keep these screens free from annoying glare and nuisance fingerprints in industrial environments.

Industrial MonitorsI see this first hand every time I bring my car for oil and lube changes at my favorite service center, American Tire and Auto Care. When I take my Subaru Forrester to them, I rely on the skill of the mechanics – and their computerized equipment to identify root causes of any problems my car has had over its 12-year life. All cars today have at least one computer. And the America Tire and Auto Care staff are more like computer engineers than car mechanics when they use their computers and software to diagnose problems, and test solutions. Engine check light on? Computer analysis finds the reason. Rear wheel bearings whirring? Computer analysis. Oil change? Well, in this case, the computer has not yet replaced oil cans.

Oil, lubricants, computer screens, and sunlight flooding in the open bays make an industrial gumbo when it comes to seeing the industrial screen monitors clearly. The mechanics juggle oil, lubricants, tools, and computer screens with speed and grace, all with a little help from the NuShield antiglare screen protector.

The mechanics like the film protectors –

  • The film coating diffuses the bright sunlight avoiding mirror-like reflections so the mechanics can easily see the industrial monitors from any vantage point.
  • Touch screens still work well.
  • Fingerprints are hidden and easily cleaned

Management likes the NuShield screen protectors as well –

  • Tools don’t scratch the screens
  • Monitors are protected from damaging, repetitive taps
  • Chemicals, oils, lubricants don’t damage the screens

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