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DayVue Technology

NuShield DayVue Anti-reflective Technology

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Protection for displays used outdoors has special challenges. These displays are very prone to glare from the sun and reflections from other surfaces. To minimize this impact on the display, manufacturers may treat their screens with anti-reflective coatings. These consist of thin layers that are designed to cancel out the reflected light while allowing transmitted light through. They create an internal reflective surface that is 1/4 wavelength thick. These two surfaces allow light to be 180° out of phase with light reflecting off the top surface, destructively interfering and canceling out the light intensity.

By carefully controlling the coating thickness and refractive index of the coatings, reflected glare is dramatically reduced through this destructive interference.

NuShield DayVue antireflective (AR) film replicates the AR coating on your display and protects it from damage. It will upgrade a screen that does not have AR capabilities for better performance. Our latest version of this film has several top layers with a carefully chosen index of refraction minimizing the blue end of the spectrum. This means that the screen can be seen clearly even with polarized sunglasses. The film largely eliminates blue-violet banding.

NuShield DayVue also incorporates several other innovations that make it a superior choice for removable screen protection. The back surface incorporates a slightly tacky rubber instead of a traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive. This means that the film will wet out on a flat surface but will not trap air effectively. Bubbles can be easily pushed out using a finger.

This structure creates greatly diminished reflectance over most of the visible light spectrum.

NuShield is pleased to provide a superior antireflective film. Our films for electronic displays have excellent scratch resistance and optical properties. They are as good as the original antireflective navigation screens in glare reduction and provide superior scratch protection at a reasonable cost. They are designed for a variety of applications.

RoHS Complaint

NuShield Films Are RoHS Compliant

All NuShield films are RoHS compliant and do not contain any of the prohibited listed materials. Further information can be found on the RoHS Compliance sheet below.