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Inventory Screen with Anti-glare, Anti-microbial, and Anti-fingerprint film

Inventory Control

Screen protection for inventory control displays

NuShield LCD screen protector films are highly effective in protecting handheld or mounted devices used in warehouses and on the road by delivery drivers to keep track of raw material or finished goods inventory. The NuShield film will safeguard the LCD screen even in the harshest environments.

LCD screens are highly vulnerable to scratches, especially when touch-based software is used to interact with the computer. The repetitive tapping in a certain area or the use of sharp objects to peck at the screen can create dead spots and reduce the life cycle of the LCD screen. NuShield will block the dust, grime, or liquid that would normally settle on the screen or creep into the open crevice between the screen and the case of the device.

If this display is being used outdoors, you may wish to consider our new NuShield DayVue film antireflective-antiglare film to minimize glare from sunlight. If this option is not listed, please visit the Contact Us page to request this.

NuShield is the leading manufacturer of the clearest and most durable screen protector film to enhance the protection of LCD screens.

NuShield works with a long list of device manufacturers to create overlay films to protect the LCD screens. On most screens, NuShield films slide between the screen and the case while on sealed devices NuShield films are installed with an adhesive strip around the edge of the film to stay in place. Both installation methods allow the film to be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled.

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