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Large Film Rolls

Customers can purchase NuShield films in full-width rolls to accommodate larger projects. The rolls are available in 39-inch height up to 25 ft width. This type of purchase would be cost-effective for multiple large television or outdoor display projects. The buyer will be the one to determine the final size and cut the film themselves to the exact measurements.

The films can be purchased in 39”h x 12”w unit sizes with a minimum of 4 units per sale. Additional units can be added up to 25 ft. If you require longer pieces of film contact NuShield sales at 215-500-6426.

All Sales Are Final!!

NuShield guarantees the quality of the film purchased and can provide small pieces for testing prior to purchase. However, once a sale has been made and the film shipped, it becomes the property of the buyer, and title passes. There will be no refunds or credits provided.

Film Usage

For indoor glare reduction projects, NuShield recommends the Triple A antiglare/anti-fingerprint/anti-microbial film. The antiglare feature diffuses sharp glare and eliminates reflected images.

For outdoor use and areas where absolute clarity needs to be maintained NuShield recommends the DayVue antireflective film. The anti-reflective feature reduces glare in indirect sunlight conditions. The film does have a glossy finish which can show fingerprints and may show reflected images.


Both films have a tacky adhesive backing that sticks directly to the LCD or LED surface. The film can be easily lifted and repositioned if necessary. It is recommended that two or three persons handle the film during installation and a flat piece of wood wrapped in a towel is used to smooth the film over the display surface to eliminate bubbles. Smaller bubbles usually disappear over a 24 – 48 hour period. See our installation instructions here.

Minimum Order is 4 Units

Minimum Order is 4 Units