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Microsoft XBox 2018 Presentation Relies on Nushield to Eliminate Glare

Glare Was Not Invited to the Presentation

The Microsoft XBox E3 conference kicked off with a huge press conference introducing new games by Microsoft. The presentation was also streamed live to over 1.7 million viewers.

With so much stress of pulling this off perfectly, the planners had to make sure everything was going to be perfect. Imagine their horror when they realized after setting up the stage that the 40″ diagonal Samsung monitors all reflected glare from the surrounding lights.

That is when they turned to NuShield. A quick call to NuShield and in 48 hours the Triple A antiglare screen protector film arrived on site which the crew installed with ease. NuShield was chosen not only because of the fast turnaround time and the excellent glare elimination qualities but also because NuShield has been a long, reliable partner for Microsoft. The original NuShield anti-glare film was used to protect the Microsoft Surface tabletop monitors that Microsoft distributed to bars and restaurants.

The Triple A film has been the “go to” product by users around the world who need glare elimination indoors or in shaded areas while minimizing distortion. The film is available for smartphones, tablets, handheld devices, GPS displays, laptops, monitors, televisions, industrial devices and even RV mounted televisions. The film also has anti-bacterial properties that kill germs on the surface where users touch the screen. Considering the number of attendees at the Xbox conference this feature came very handy.

Next time you are battling glare at your office or sitting inside or outside watching television or your tablet, think of NuShield. NuShield currently offers sizes to protect over 15,000 various devices and can work with you to create a size that fits your screen if your device is not listed, without extra charge.

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