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How To Choose the Best Screen Protector?

Your electronic device is an investment. When you purchase a PDA, a SmartPhone a GPS navigator, a laptop, or a monitor for yourself or for your company, you want assurance that its LCD display screen will remain clear and useful throughout the device’s lifetime.

The LCD screen can be smudged by multiple fingerprints which leave an oily residue and standard cleaning fluids can seep inside the device, damaging the electronics. If you are using software with that is touch activated, then it is possible that the tiniest bit of grit at the end of a stylus pen or fingernail can create ugly scratches over a period of time or leave dead zone in areas where there are constant tapping. A screen can also be damaged when the device is carried with the screen exposed such as a PDA device or phone in a pocket with keys or coins.

Although there are many different types of screen protectors on the market, only NuShield has a strong, scratch-resistant film that provides protection without adhesives. This does not degrade the clarity of the LCD screen and makes installation and removal very easy. NuShield screen protectors also have an antiglare treatment to allow the LCD display to be seen outdoors. No matter what device you’re using, NuShield has the best screen protector on the market to protect it.

The best screen protector for camera LCD displays

All new digital cameras and camcorders come with an LCD viewfinder. However, most owners usually carry digital cameras in their pockets or purse and their LCD screens are susceptible to being scratched. While there are many vinyl adhesive screen protectors on the market, these are often difficult to install because of the adhesive on the back of the film and then leave bubbles on the screen. However, for most digital cameras, the NuShield screen protector is easy to install, provides protection from glare and can be removed easily for cleaning if necessary. On camcorders the need to keep the glare from the screen is also important, but vinyl screen protectors are made of clear film and reflect glare back into the eyes of the user.

The best screen protectors for car navigation displays

While GPS navigation devices are very useful to have while driving, they are hard to see when sun glare hits the LCD screen. Warranties and lease agreements do not cover damage to the car’s navigation screens and because these displays are touch interactive screens they’re susceptible to dirt, scratches and spills. NuShield offers screen protector films to protect a large variety of car displays while allowing the navigation device to maintain its functionality and protect against glare.

The best screen protection for your game displays

When you’re playing action games on your Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, you’re too busy worrying about jumping, swerving and powering up to be concerned about scratching your screen with your stylus. Although there are vinyl screen protectors that can be purchased at lower cost, these tend to mark up after a couple of weeks of heavy action. For long lasting protection and the ability to play inside and outdoors, NuShield’s screen protectors for the LCD screens are the best choices. They are easy to install, provide absolute clarity and won’t create bubbles when installed.

The best screen protection for industrial LCD displays

The LCD displays on devices used in industrial applications have to withstand greater abuse and function in the harshest environments than displays in office or personal applications. Although the manufacturer of the device does everything possible to protect the casing and the electronics inside from damage due to drops, weather, wetness or other abuse, little attention is paid to the LCD screen itself. Even NEMA rated devices do not have protected screens they are sealed to protect the inside. NuShield is the only manufacturer who provides an anti-glare protector film that prevents scratches, provides long life and maintains the clarity of the LCD display. NuShield is also the only manufacturer who will work with its customers to create custom film sizes up to 50 inch diagonal with additional development cost.

The best screen protectors for laptop monitors

Everyone seems to be carrying laptops these days. However, every time you close the top, you are actually damaging the LCD screen by compressing the keys against the screen. Even those laptops that protect the device against drops and spills can have their screen damaged. These devices also do not offer protection from sun glare when used outdoors. While there are other screen protector manufacturers on the market, only NuShield provides a film with an antiglare treatment, absolute see-through clarity and easy installation without worrying about leaving permanent fingerprints on the underside of the film.