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LCD Screen Protector

Two steps you can take to ensure maximum LCD screen protection

Your electronic device is an investment that you want to protect. A computer’s LCD screen is the most vulnerable and exposed parts of its hardware – most of the technical components – are safely locked inside the PCU or tower, but the screen is right out there, susceptible to scratches. And the likelihood of screen damage increases if you’re using touch-screen software with a stylus-type pen or your fingers.

At NuShield, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality LCD screen protectors, because we provide the highest quality screen protectors for just about any device that has a display. You know your PC or Mac screen is safe with us, because we’ve developed screen protection films for industrial applications, police forces, and even the U.S. Army.

That means that, if you buy a screen protector, from us you can be sure it’ll protect your screen even if you use it in the middle of a dusty factory while chasing crooks in glaring sunlight, or in the heat of battle.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure our screen protector films have got you covered.

Keeping your LCD screen display safe is a simple two-step process. Using inexpensive Klear Screen wipes and a durable screen protector can ensure your screen’s safety and increase its lifespan.

The First Step: Give your screen a good cleaning using quality anti-static screen wipes. Just as it’s important to wash a car before painting, it’s important to thoroughly clean your LCD screen before installing a screen protector film – otherwise, bits of grit and dust could sandwich themselves between the screen and the film, causing bumps, bubbles and trouble down the line.

NuShield offers the best screen wipes on the market: Klear Screen. Free of harsh cleansers like alcohol or ammonia, these wipes not only remove fingerprints, grit and dust, but lay down a protective anti-static barrier.

The Second Step: Apply the LCD screen protector to your display. And don’t worry – no matter what kind of computer you’re using, NuShield is sure to have a screen protector film for you. NuShield’s screen protectors are easy to install, whether your screen case is sealed or open. If it’s open, simply use our unique winged design to slide the screen protector between the screen and its case. And if the case is sealed, NuShield offers screen protectors with a thin adhesive strip around the edge of the film which holds it in place and protects the LCD display. And if you’re not sure, don’t worry – just search for your device’s manufacturer and model, and we’ll know what to send you.

If you don’t see a screen protector for your device visit our custom development page and we’ll make one that’s a perfect fit.

Keeping your screen protected can extend the life of your monitor – and make it easier to see. NuShield has been making great screen protectors for 10 years – trust the leader in the industry.