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NuShield Helps to Prevent the Spread of Germs

How many times have you said or heard someone say “Where have those hands been?” We all carry and spread a large variety of germs and everything we touch has millions of germs all over it. Even when we clean with disinfectant wipes or gels there is no telling if we will come in contact with more germs.

For “germophobes” and all of us who want to avoid coming in contact with germs on the touch screen LCD display, NuShield offers the ideal solution. It is the Triple ATM antiglare, antimicrobial, anti-fingerprint screen protector film that inhibits the growth of germs over the LCD screen. And the film stands up to cleaning with strong disinfectants which would damage the naked LCD screen.

The NuShield Triple A film has become a staple product used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where monitoring and testing equipment moves between examination rooms, where patients cycle through with various diseases or infections, and where doctors move between hospital rooms with their laptops that hold their patient’s information or conference rooms and nursing stations that use phone systems with LCD displays that are touched constantly to pick up or transfer calls.

It is impossible to expect every LCD screen to be wiped after each patient so IT managers solved this challenge by installing the NuShield Triple A antimicrobial film over the screen to prevent germ growth. This allows the cleaning staff to wipe down the equipment and LCD screen once a day with disinfectant cleaning agents without causing streaks or harm to the display.

This NuShield film is also recommended for use on touch screen directories in malls, hotel lobbies, airports, and other high-traffic locations. The Triple-A film is available up to 70-inch diagonal size and offers good clarity.

The Triple-A film is easy to install because it uses a slightly tacky silicone rubber backing which easily molds to the surface and allows any air bubbles to be easily pushed out. The film can also be lifted and replaced without losing its adhesive properties. Any dirt specs trapped between the screen and the display surface can be easily removed using a piece of the adhesive tape to lift the dirt spec.

For further information about how the antibacterial coating helps prevent germ growth you can visit the NuShield Triple A technology page

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