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PDA Accessories

It’s too expensive not to protect your PDA screen

PDAs have come a long way since the first Apple Newton.

And the right accessories can make your BlackBerry, Palm, HP-iPAQ, and Dell PDA function to its maximum efficiency.

Whichever device you own, the weak spot of any PDA is the LCD screen. It is poked and can be scratched while in use. The screen is also susceptible to damage when carried in a purse or pocket and it rubs against coins, keys and other sharp objects.

The best and most useful PDA accessory is the proper screen protector. There a many types on the market, but the one that provides the best scratch resistance and see through clarity is the NuShield brand. The patented design protects the LCD display from scratches, glare and sharp objects, even in the harshest environments.

NuShield PDA screen protectors have many great features. The unique winged design holds the film in place on top of the LCD screen without hazy adhesive that also leaves bubbles on the screen. The smooth, scratch-resistant writing surface also provides long lasting protection when other films tear or scratch. The anti-glare coating prevents UV light from damaging the LCD display or bounce back into your eyes.

The NuShield screen protector might be the most important PDA accessory you can buy. It is available for most PDA devices on the market today and if you do not see your device on our list, NuShield will work with you to create a film that will fit your specific device.

NuShield not only provides quality screen protection films for PDAs, but also for PDA Phones, laptop computers, car navigation systems, media players, HD TVs and remote controls, and even industrial monitors

When you’re shopping for a new PDA or finding accessories for your current device, don’t forget the most important item: The screen protector that keeps your screen safe from harm.