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PGA Instructors Use NuShield DayVue Screen Protector film to Aid Golf Swing Analysis

Back in the day, learning to swing a golf club relied on the student’s interpretation of the instructor’s description and demonstration of how to hold and properly follow through. This methodology worked well, but today technology is offering a visual aid to the instruction through swing analysis software installed on laptops, tablets, and cameras that can be used out on the range.

However, the LCD screen reflects glare and makes it impossible to read the display in daylight. Instructors recorded the swing and then had to sit in covered golf carts or move under shaded areas to review the swing with the student. This was a tedious process that had to be repeated constantly which disrupted the lesson.

Display dark without any protection

The Professional Golf Association of America instructors has turned to NuShield to find a solution that makes the visual technology become a better teaching tool. NuShield recommended its DayVue antireflective film which has been specifically formulated to be used outdoors on LCD, LED, and plasma screens to cancel out sun glare to the point where the display can be seen either with the naked eye or while wearing polarized sunglasses. The film has a tacky rubberized backing to make installation easy and the top surface can be cleaned with any commercial solution to remove dirt and fingerprints without harming the film or the display underneath.

NuShield films are designed to work with LCD screens for an extended period of time without any distortion to the image. NuShield is made of super-thin, durable plastic manufactured using a patented technology that provides extended protection against dust, scratches, and gouges.

Display visible after NuShield DayVue film installed

The NuShield DayVue film is available in sizes that fit an Apple iPhone or small camera to a 65-inch diagonal TV screen. This film is also being used on electronic check-in and information systems at the Master’s golf tournament and handheld scoring devices at other professional golf tournaments. Some courses with GPS-enabled golf carts started to install the DayVue film to protect the display from fingerprints and dirt as well as allow the golfer a clear screen image while on the course.

The PGA instructors who purchased the NuShield DayVue film are completely satisfied with the way the film functions and makes their device displays visible outdoors. Students now receive instant feedback and make immediate corrections to their swings during the lesson. The visual presentation is most effective with first-time young students who are used to learning in a visual environment as well as those who are looking to make minor corrections to their swing to improve their game and lower their scores.

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