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Recommendations for Screen Protectors

NewtonTalker List,

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

By Robert Benschop

Since I promised the list that I was going to send in part one of my New NuShield screen protector review, this seems to be a good occasion.

As I stated before I really like the new NuShields and the only drawback that I could see is it’s more reflective. So you see yourself a bit more as the Newt acts a bit more like a mirror, something I only noted in the first week BTW, one gets used to a status quo quite quickly. It also only occurs if your straight over the Newt, something that happens rarely.

As for the durability, in my opinion very, very good. Been using this protector quite intensely for 2 1/2 months now and only see some minor scratches if look for them. (especially when letting light reflect on the protector) But they don’t hinder me at all, don’t feel or see them while using from day to day.

Hard to say how long this one will last but should be 1/2 a year easily.

I won’t be cutting my homebrew protectors anymore, too much hassle and though they were dirt cheap they would wear down also with two weeks.

Since I’m not such a regulated person I would quite often ‘forget’ to put a new one on, in the end still regretting the loss of visibility on the screen.

No more of all of that.

So to cut this story short, I’m now a happy and protected camper.