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The Basics of LCD Screen Protection

What kind of screen protector do you need?

There are different types of screen protectors on the market and sometimes it can be confusing to find the right one.

Not all manufacturers make screen protectors to fit all devices. Only Nushield makes screen protector films to fit LCD screens from 1” diagonal all the way up to 50” diagonal, for just about any device that has a LCD display.

NuShield’s non-adhesive film provides absolute protection from scratches and abrasion and the anti-glare coating allows users to see the display screen even in areas where glare is present. We’re proud of our unique, patented design – and we think you’ll be pretty happy with it too.

What do you need a screen protector for?

Whatever your answer to that question, you can be pretty sure NuShield a film that will work on your device and we have it in stock.

Whether you need a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP screen protector, a film for your Kodak digital camera, or to protect your Garmin Nuvi from glare while driving, NuShield is your answer.

We also have larger size films to protect your iMac LCD screen protector, your Dell 20” desktop monitor, and your 42” diagonal Plasma HDTV.

NuShield even supports devices used at work such as the Draeger Medical XL-1 bedside monitor, AG Leader Insight monitor, or an Ingenico signature capture device.

Do you have a NEMA-rated sealed device?

Some industrial device manufacturers seal their case to provide protection from fluids leaking inside to the electronics area. However, the LCD screen is still susceptible to scratches and glare. To provide protection for these devices, NuShield anti-glare screen protectors have a thin 3/16 inch adhesive strip around the edge of the film to hold it in place. The film is still easily removable and re-installable.

Take a look at our long list of manufacturers and models we cover. And if you don’t see your device on the list, we can custom-design a screen protector for you.