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Touch Screen Marine Navigation Equipment with Anti-Reflective Protection

As the days grow warmer, more people will spend time outside enjoying the sun, sand and water. Boating enthusiasts flock to the nearest body of water as part of their warm weather rituals. Fishing, swimming and other water sports abound.

Electronic Marine Navigation

NuShield DayVue Films for Marine Navigation Screens

Before jumping into your boat, it might be time to check your marine navigation equipment along with other electronic devices and protect them from the effects of sunglare. On the water sunlight reflects from multiple angles, making the ability to read LCD displays very difficult. The GPS equipment can also be damaged by salt water and sea spray, and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Poorly Visible Screens without NuShield DayVue Films

The NuShield® DayVue™ antireflective screen protector film has been designed to provide a solution to boaters. It eliminates reflections and glare off LCD surfaces such as fish finders, GPS and other equipment and allows boaters to read the displays even when wearing polarized sunglasses.  The DayVue film also makes cleaning the screen easy – simply wipe the screen with a soft cloth and you are ready to go.

The DayVue film has a very low tack adhesive rubber backing which holds it on the screen. This allows for easy installation on flat LCD surfaces and easy adjustment if necessary. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to install the film and push out the larger bubbles. Smaller bubbles usually dissipate within 24 hours.

NuShield offers the DayVue film in sizes to fit any LCD display up to 40 inch diagonal and the company currently has sizes for over 500 different GPS displays. This includes manufacturers such as Eagle, Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, Navman, Raymarine, and Simrad fishfinders, chartplotters and other GPS devices.

NuShield also makes the Triple A film which helps to eliminate glare on televisions placed inside larger cabins.

Boater Recommendations

Several boaters have found tremendous benefits from using NuShield’s DayVue antireflective screen protection technology:

  • “Once again, I’d like to say a MAJOR thanks for your OUTSTANDING (and quite unexpected, surprising and refreshing I might add LOL) customer service. I’m talking your company up to all my boating friends in particular, as the shield is a Godsend for GPS/Sonar/Fish Finder out on the water!” – Mary Gentile, Matlacha, FL
  • “NuShield is a great product. Those of us that use computers and monitors for navigation on the waterways cannot do without NuShield! It works great inside the car when polarized glasses are used.” – MH, Gray, TN
  • “…Thought I would tell you that the ones I got for my boat are working great. Less glare and no water spots.” — Kevin Hinkemeyer, St Augusta, MN
  • “Great product to use on marine electronics. I have tried several other brands and none even come close to being as effective or ease to install. Keep up the good work.” — Alton Sing, Elizabethtown, NC
  • “I installed on my MFD83d I liked so much I am putting it on my fishfinder also.” – MB, Peabody, MA
  • “To all the team at NuShield, I can’t believe the difference the DayVue screen has made to my Lowrance display in my boat and have been recommending it to all the fishermen I know in Darwin.” – Steve Jones, Darwin, Australia

Enjoy your water sports, fishing, and fun on the water this summer – but first make sure your electronic screens are well protected using NuShield DayVue.

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NuShield Anti Glare Screen for Laptop Helps You See Outdoors

NuShield Anti-Reflective, Anti Glare Protection for Laptops

As the weather is changing, the bright sunshine, the long days and alluring summer bloom seems to call everyone outside. If you work at home, on your laptop, you may be tempted to take it out to the park for a change of scenery and a boost of creativity. Even watching a movie by yourself outside, under the quiet shade of a tree, can be very rewarding on a cool summer afternoon.

However, the biggest problem of taking your laptop outside on a sunny day is the screen reflections and glare — making it nearly impossible to see what’s on the screen instead of what is in front of it. Even indoors, brightness coming through the window or from overhead lights as is found in a lot of work places, can be a nuisance. NuShield’s range of protective films offer a solution to any indoor or outdoor problem that helps to cut down the glare and making your work a little easier.

Perfect visibility even in broad daylight

NuShield DayVue Films for Outdoor Laptop Use

The NuShield® DayVue™ Antireflective Screen Protector gives you perfect visibility by cutting down reflections and glare — necessary when working outdoors in bright, sunny conditions. The colors are not compromised but the film reduces reflections from harsh light sources. The DayVue has UV protection and filters out the sun’s glare, so you can read the LCD display easily in outdoors.

Kathleen, a writer from Morrisville, VT, says she had to squint at her laptop when she worked on it at her back deck due to the reflection. The NuShield DayVue film solved the problem and she can now ‘see the words on the screen rather than (her) own face or trees behind.’

Easily wipe off fingerprints, oils

With a NuShield DayVue film protecting your LCD display you can take your laptop to the beach or pool without worry.  Suntan lotion, sand or water wipes off easily and the film allows you to read the display while you are wearing polarized sunglasses.  You don’t have to hide under the umbrella any more.

Real protection against scratches

All of NuShield films are available at affordable prices. Ellen of Carlsbad, CA is so impressed with its durability and reasonable price that she claims that if she had not been a teacher-librarian, she would have probably sold NuShield films at outdoor cafes. NuShield screen protective films also protect your laptop screen from scratches — when that errant Frisbee flies against the laptop screen! According to David McGuire from Towanda, PA, all of the advertised features of NuShield work perfectly in reality.

The films use low-tack rubber as an adhesive, so it does not leave residue when pulled off. It is easy to install and just as easy to remove. These protective films are also available for Smartphones, PC tablets, PDAs, iPhones, LCD monitors, GPS devices, iPods and other electronic devices with LCD displays.

Order Your Screen Protectors Today

Select the brand of your device and model number, choose the DayVue™ film for anti-reflective protection when viewing outdoors, or for indoor anti-glare viewing choose either the NuShield AG™ Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector or the NuShield Triple A™ Antiglare/ Anti-microbial/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector.  NuShield will mail your films to your home or business.

Car Screen Protector Beats Replacing Car Navigation Screen

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We love hearing from people about their experiences with NuShield. When we hear the kinds of problems people have – we can share the solutions that work for them with others who may have run into similar situations. This story is about a how NuShield car screen protector saved $12,000.

Recently a Mercedes car owner wrote to us. Here is his NuShield car screen protector story.

Four years ago, I purchased a two-year old Mercedes SL350. During previous ownership or pre-delivery prep, someone used window cleaner on the COMAND satellite navigation screen, which partially removed the anti glare coating from the display.

Mercedes Comand Display with NuShield DayVue Screen Protector

With a quote of over $6,000.00 for a new COMAND, I looked for an alternate solution – and found NuShield.

When I installed the NuShield film, I thoroughly cleaned the screen to remove the remaining anti glare coating and installed the DayVue anti reflective film. The film fitted perfectly and returned the display to better than original condition — both in clarity and in full sun condition.

My visual experience with the NuShield film has been perfect — even with the roof down and in full bright sun. It was easy to fit and needs very little cleaning.

The film is better than expected. It lasted like new for four years until I recently scratched it accidentally with a vacuum cleaner. I re-ordered another DayVue film and expect it to return the display to perfect condition — saving me $6,000.00, again.

Tell us your NuShield story. By telling us your story, you may save many others from the grief – and/or expense of alternative solutions.

More Information

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NuShield Anti-Reflective Glare Protection for Your Camera

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Image reflections on the viewfinder of a digital camera is a phenomenon that becomes the bane of a photographer’s existence when shooting where there are a lot of bright lights or outside in the sun. To combat this problem, you can get your camera, a pair of sunglasses, figuratively speaking, and the NuShield® DayVue™ Antireflective Screen Protector Film that is particularly good at reducing image glare.

What Causes Screen Reflections

Anti-Reflective Filter for Camera Viewfinder

Both the sun and any reflective object in the view can cause glare. When the sunlight hits a reflective object at a certain angle – a reflective angle – it reflects into the camera viewfinder. Void this by either edging the objects away from the camera or fitting a NuShield DayVue camera glare filter to the viewfinder.

The Challenges of Bright Sun

Photographers often have to shoot out in the sun. Picnics or graduation ceremony, Easter egg hunt or beach weddings — most of these occasions demand a photographer to take their camera and click photos in locations that have the lot of sunlight. Although it works in reducing glare, hiding the sun behind a tree is not always possible. For example, while taking pictures on a beach, the photographer will be hard pressed to find a shady tree. Using a NuShield DayVue camera anti-reflective filter on the viewfinder of the camera solves these problems.

NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

The NuShield DayVue screen protector adheres to the surface of the display to reduce reflections. With this protective film, you are able to compose the shot and see the result, even if you are wearing polarized sunglasses. The DayVue anti-reflective filter can also be adhered to surfaces of any other electronic device like the LCD display of a Smartphone, laptop, tablet and so on which helps you read these gadgets in bright sunlight without a problem.

The Advantages of Using NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflectives

Anti-Reflective Filter for Video Camcorder Viewfinder

NuShield DayVue is complete with scratch resistance that protects the screen from damage. It uses low tack adhesive to adhere to the surfaces, so when it is removed, no residue is left behind. The light cancelling technology helps to read the displays.

And DayVue films improve the visibility of camera display whether your sunglasses are on or off. Photographers no longer need to interrupt the flow of shooting to adjust sunglasses. The photographer’s eye adjustments to light can be a huge nuisance if the camera is not equipped with an anti-reflective camera filter on the viewfinder.

Customers who used NuShield DayVue camera anti-reflective filters rave about the product. Tom Pepper from Jackson, MI says that NuShield DayVue is, “an amazing improvement in viewing quality”. According to Wesley Howard of Portland, OR, NuShield DayVue is the “best screen protector in the world”. Many happy customers have lauded their customer supported and quick responding customer care staff, too.

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