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Tip: Protect Industrial Monitors with NuShield Anti-Glare Films

What do Siemens, Mitsubishi, NCR and Symbol all have in common? They all make industrial monitors that are well protected with NuShield screen protectors. According to the numerous comments we get from customers, the NuShield Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector is the best way to keep these screens free from annoying glare and nuisance fingerprints in industrial environments.

I see this first hand every time I bring my car for oil and lube changes at my favorite service center, American Tire and Auto Care. When I take my Subaru Forrester to them, I rely on the skill of the mechanics – and their computerized equipment to identify root causes of any problems my car has had over its 12-year life. All cars today have at least one computer. And the America Tire and Auto Care staff are more like computer engineers than car mechanics when they use their computers and software to diagnose problems, and test solutions. Engine check light on? Computer analysis finds the reason. Rear wheel bearings whirring? Computer analysis. Oil change? Well, in this case, the computer has not yet replaced oil cans.

Oil, lubricants, computer screens, and sunlight flooding in the open bays make an industrial gumbo when it comes to seeing the industrial screen monitors clearly. The mechanics juggle oil, lubricants, tools, and computer screens with speed and grace, all with a little help from the NuShield antiglare screen protector.

The mechanics like the film protectors –

  • The film coating diffuses the bright sunlight avoiding mirror-like reflections so the mechanics can easily see the industrial monitors from any vantage point.
  • Touch screens still work well.
  • Fingerprints are hidden and easily cleaned

Management likes the NuShield screen protectors as well –

  • Tools don’t scratch the screens
  • Monitors are protected from damaging, repetitive taps
  • Chemicals, oils, lubricants don’t damage the screens

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NuShield® DayVue™ Enhanced Metal Detectors Used to Unearth America’s History

Pawn Shop, Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers – Americans are fascinated with discovering history through objects. This is a driving passion for thousands of metal detecting mavens all across the United States. Metal detecting has an annual commemorative Day – the International Metal Detection Day – celebrated on May 17th this year, and Metal Detecting clubs dot the world over.

Each part of the country has its own unique history that is discovered – and told – through the treasures buried underground. Phil Wencl of Ross Township, Indiana, spends time researching historical maps, and consulting with his good friend Don Good, an esteemed history buff, in search for target sites in his quest for finding buried treasures with his Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector. If Phil lived in Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, or Pennsylvania, his finds may include Civil War bullets called pumpkin balls, coins, and military uniform buttons. But Indiana has its own story – and its own unique treasures.

Ross Township was where stagecoaches passed through on their way to the West, and where traders exchanged goods with Pottowatomi Indians. The first settlements began in 1833 – long before most of our great-great grandparents were born. How many heirlooms has your family preserved from that far back? If you are like most of us, the answer is – not any. One way to uncover these stories is to search — underground. Which is exactly what Phil Wencl spends much of his free time doing. The Minelab metal detector screen is Phil’s window into the underworld.

Same Metal Detector without NuShield DayVue Film Metal Detector with NuShield DayVue Film

Metal detection is an outdoor activity, best enjoyed on sunny, cool days. To avoid reflections from the Minelab screen, Phil uses NuShield DayVue™ film on the display, which he has found to be the only film that stops the reflections and sun glare, and doesn’t block the screen image when he wears sunglasses.

Phil and Don study old maps in search for long forgotten schools, churches, trading posts, and stagecoach stops to unravel more of the story of the travelers and settlers who stepped into what is now known as Ross Township. Many settlers traveling West had gone through all of their cash to launch their journey, and had little to no coins to exchange, bartering for goods and services instead. So it is rare when a coin is uncovered.

When Phil found an 1859 Indian Head penny, the first year the penny was minted, he knew he found a treasure. But even more interesting was where the penny was stored. Included with the penny was a man’s wedding ring, both stored inside a “3 Merry Widows” round tin container. For those unfamiliar with early household brands, “3 Merry Widows” was a popular condom brand, and the branded container kept them safe. The names of the widows on the lid of the original container were the manufacturers: Agnes, Mabel, and Beckie.

Metal Detector & rain cover without NuShield DayVue film

Other treasures and relics Phil has collected with help from his NuShield enhanced Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector include iron nails, 19th and 20th century silver coins, and an 1852 $1.00 gold piece. Mostly he donates his finds to the historical society or historical museum in the town where he finds the relics, sharing his unearthed history with all those who find them as fascinating as Phil does.

Metal Detector & rain cover with NuShield DayVue Film

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Twitch Gamers Use NuShield Anti-Reflective Screen Protectors to Get an Edge

In his family’s sunroom on a bright summer afternoon, Johnny is playing Titan Fall on Xbox One and streaming on Twitch. It’s one of the best games he’s ever played on any Xbox (even though there is no campaign!) He’s killing all the bad guys and racking up the score – he’s gaining gamers one by one, each gamer leaving more and more amazing comments along the way. It’s probably his best game yet. Things look good for him! But, in the sun lurks an evil being. An evil so horrible, so horrific, that you couldn’t believe it if you tried!

That evil is called Dr. Glare. Funny enough this dangerous and irritating villain only comes out during the day when the sun is bright and hot. Nonetheless, Johnny tries his best to beat Dr. Glare. He dives left, then right, he moves his chair, he goes deeper inside, he closes the drapes. He tries everything he can to keep Dr. Glare out, but to no avail. Suddenly, a Minion comes from behind a wall in Titan Fall and kills Johnny on the spot! If only he would have had a way to keep that nasty Dr. Glare out of his room. If only he had a hero to come in and save the day – and his game!

If you are a Twitch gamer that goes through this on a daily basis dealing with your own Dr. Glare, start thinking about how to defeat this monstrous villain! It might seem like it’s futile at first. Like nothing you do will keep him away, but if only you had the right weapons and the right hero, then you could defeat him. In times like this, there is only one thing to do — get out the Anti-Glare signal and call for… Captain Anti-Glare! Surely, with the super power of NuShield’s®  Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint screen protector he will be able to defeat Dr. Glare!

All right, so Anti-Glare is not a super hero, but it might feel like one after you defeat reflection or glare issues on your TV. All gamers go through this problem, but when you are Twitch gamer and you are streaming your game, any inconsistency or issue like glare, is always something you want to get rid of as soon as possible! Yes, a screen protector like NuShield AG Antiglare is the perfect weapon to have when playing any games on any television. Not only is it going to keep Dr. Glare away and allow you to play in peace with other gamers, but if you are playing on Twitch and you are playing live, it could also keep your fans and followers from getting annoyed at Dr. Glare as well.

NuShield AG Antiglare has two weapons to help fight against glare and reflective issues to help gamers, depending on where you are playing. You can choose from:

Weapon #1: NuShield® DayVue™ Anti-Reflective: A great weapon for fighting all those annoyning screen reflections that block your ability to see the screen if you are playing outside ,or

Weapon #2: NuShield® AG™ Anti-Glare films for indoor use.

Both of these weapons use a material that is stronger and more reliable than anything else out there. Both of shields will help you play a better more clear game, help you see the television screen better without all those reflections and glare, and both will protect your TV screen.

NuShield can be used on almost any gaming device too, not just a television set. Gamers are using them on DS, Gameboy, Sony Slim and more.

Restaurants Prevent Bacterial Contamination with NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial Screen Protectors

Owning a restaurant can be a fun and interesting experience. However, just with any other business, there are certain things you must consider in order to run a successful, healthy and people-friendly organization. It doesn’t matter if you own a full restaurant or you just serve appetizers, health issues are always going to come into play. This is especially true with restaurants, bars and pubs that use play systems with televisions for sports events, games and more. It’s the reason why many restaurants use devices such as sneeze guards and use plastic covers on their menus. Germs can and probably will spread if you don’t prevent bacterial contamination.

NuShield Anti-microbial Screen Protectors inhibit bacterial contamination
NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial Screen Protectors inhibit bacterial contamination.

Germs can cause all sorts of sicknesses, flus, coughs and colds. If you have televisions, play systems or even bar arcade systems in your establishment, it’s a good idea to start looking into Anti-microbial Screen Protectors.

NuShield® Triple A™ Antiglare, Antimicrobial, Antifingerprint Screen Protectors are just like the NuShield screen protectors you place on your phone, television sets at home or iPad devices. But, they do a few more things in a restaurant scene considering they are used to control bacterial contamination. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits that you can get from these screens:

Anti-microbial Protection:
These protectors, as the name states, help keep micro-bacteria at bay. Unlike regular screens, these Anti-microbial Screen Protectors are very easy to clean (or throw away) and it keeps your customers safe and healthy. Not only can Anti-microbial Screen Protectors help with inhibiting bacteria, but it can also help keep away other inhabitants as well such as mold, fungus and mildew. This also makes these Screen Protectors great for indoor, as well as outdoor use in your restaurant and bar. This is especially true for restaurants that have outdoor television sets and are worried about the climate and surrounds around the television sets or monitors.

Unlike a regular screen on a television, the materials used to make these Screen Protectors are very durable and can last for extended periods of usage. The materials in the protectors actually act as a barrier against any bacteria; but if bacteria does get on the Screen Protector bacteria does not get absorbed or transferred to the next person that touches the screen. It’s all very technologically advanced!

Other Features:
Beyond actually keep your customers safe, you can also help to keep your electronics safe. The Anti-microbial Screen Protectors reduces stains and odors from spilled drinks or cigar and cigarette smoke. Cigar and cigarette smoke can really tarnish your screen and even ruin the colors on your television. Spilled drinks on a monitor can outright ruin the entire system.

Visual Features:
Some of the other screen protectors on the market today leave a dull look to your monitors or screens. However, something like the Anti-microbial Screen Protectors leave a razor sharp image as if you never even had the Anti-microbial Screen Protectors on it. The great thing about these protectors too is that they won’t just leave your screens visually stunning from upfront and close, but far away and to each side too.

If you really want to help protect everyone in your restaurant: yourself, your customers and your staff, then Screen Protectors is definitely going to be something you will want to take a closer look at. After all, owning a restaurant isn’t just about making money, it’s about taking care of your community and making sure they are in a safe environment.

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