Month: December 2014

Protecting Your Tablet Screen from Little Fingers

NuShield Triple A film and protective case in classroom

Are you planning on giving a tablet device as a gift for a young family member this year? You’ll be surprised at how quickly an electronic device can become smudged and soiled by the sticky fingers of young holiday revelers. You might want to include an antiglare film for tablet to make sure your holiday gift stands up to all the wear and tear that little fingers


NuShield offers screen protector film that’s perfect for tablet devices you’ll put in thehands of your favorite little one this Christmas. The benefits of our Triple A antiglare film for tablet go beyond merely protecting from smudges and fingerprints. Our films are also antimicrobial and antiglare.

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Remember to Include Screen Protectors with Holiday Gifts

Electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are now integral tools that we use every day for entertainment, work, and study. That’s part of the reason why they make useful gifts for family and friends. However, it’s important to note some of the potential malfunctions that can come up during normal usage of electronic devices with fragile LCD or display screens.

  • Poor visibility– There’s nothing more frustrating than having to look something up on your cell phone and not being able to make out the screen at all. Although display screens are designed to achieve the utmost in clarity and precision, tablet or smartphone manufacturers cannot always accommodate all the different lighting situations in which a screen will be used. Glare can cause enormous visibility problems when it comes to using electronic device display screens.
  • Damage– The display screen on electronics is usually the most fragile part of the device. That means it’s susceptible to the ravages of fingernails, fingerprints, sharp edges, impact, and more. Over time, screens typically pick up scratches and blemishes that can eventually detract from visibility.
  • Built-up germs and bacteria– Anything that comes into contact with our fingers is likely to serve as a breeding ground for cold-causing microbes. Touch screens especially will pick up bacteria and germs over time, making it necessary to clean or disinfect them in some way.

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Protect Your Smartphone During Holiday Travel

The holiday season is not only a festive time of the year. It’s also a busy time of the year for most of us. It’s a time of the year when any small trick that helps us get things done a little faster can go a long way. If you’re looking to get the most out of this holiday season, you might want to consider using Triple A anti-microbial screen protectors on your electronic devices.

Will you be traveling for the holiday in the next few weeks? If so, you’ll be coming into close proximity with a lot of other travelers as you head to the train station or airport, for example.

Unfortunately, coming into close proximity with so many other people can put you at risk of catching cumbersome colds that can put a damper on your holiday enjoyment and productivity.

As travelers undertake their journeys and head home for the holidays, they come into contact with door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, ATM machines, and much more. This exposes them to a vast array of germs and bacteria. These microbes can cause one to catch colds and illnesses that destroy one’s ability to enjoy the holiday season. What can you do to ensure that you get through your action-packed holiday regime in perfect health?

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NuShield Solves a Safety Concern for Store Owners

Do some research on products like our NuShield anti glare screen protector film and you’ll be surprised at how many different applications they have. Screen protector films can be applied not only to the displays of electronics, but also directly on windows to prevent glare from bright sunlight from hindering visibility indoors.

Those who do business from a storefront location such as convenience stores, know that bright sunlight poring into their store windows can make it hard to see. Glare can not only make it impossible to read cash register and computer screen displays, but it can also make interaction and communication with co-workers and clients difficult.

Consider the following scenario: A police officer can’t see into a local convenience store because posters have been put up over the windows to block the glare from the sun and to allow store clerks to make out cash register screens. While these posters might improve visibility on the inside of the store, the safety of those working in the store is compromised if the police cannot see the store clerk and the register area. Thieves take note of factors like poor visibility and use them to their advantage to rob storefront locations while invisible to the police and other passersby.

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Media Players are a Good Source of Entertainment for Holiday Travel

Keeping the kids entertained while you’re traveling out of town is important for maintaining your sanity. Looking for an easy way to keep the kids entertained en route while you’re out visiting family this holiday season? Having a media player in your car is a great way to entertain kids of all ages.

NuShield Screen Protector Improves Visibility of Media Player Screens

Of course, putting an expensive and fragile electronic device in the hands of rambunctious youngsters can be risky. It’s a good idea to take some precautions to protect your media player from all the hazards caused by the rough use it’s sure to receive during a long road trip.

The most important thing you need to protect is the LCD display of your media player. By placing a screen protector from NuShield over your screen, you can rest assured that your media player will remain in mint condition throughout the hectic holiday season . NuShield also works with back of the seat entertainment systems.

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