Month: March 2015

Is the Groupon Merchant App Wrecking Havoc on Your Tablet or Smartphone?

Since its launch in 2008, Groupon has radically transformed the world of online shopping. The group buying site currently boasts over 70 million subscribers who adore the site’s daily discounts on everything from pedicures to sushi dinners.

Everyone loves saving money, and with Groupon consistently offering $100 massages for as little as $25, for instance, and $50 meals for $15, it has become a friend of many. The service attracts consumers, promotes local businesses, and ultimately helps to build long-lasting business relationships.

Reflection and glare can hurt the user experience

If you accept Groupon at your place of business and use the Groupon Merchant App to keep track of customers and bookings, or to accept credit card payments, you probably find yourself staring into a screen for the better part of the day. According to medical experts, this can be harmful to your eyes.

The name for eye problems caused by extensive computer use is computer vision syndrome (CVS). Research has shown that between 50 to 90 percent of all mobile device and computer users have CVS symptoms of some sort. You can probably guess why computers cause so many more eye problems than, say, reading from paper: To a large degree, the flicker, contrast and glare of computer screens is the main culprit.

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Problems With Screen Glare When Watching Videos on a Tablet?

Think back to a time 10 years ago—or even five years ago.  Are you having trouble envisioning what life was like before your smartphone parceled out every piece of information you could possibly ask for? Do you find yourself wondering how life even existed when you didn’t have your tablet at your fingertips at all times?

Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives. There was a time when the only way you could catch your favorite movies and TV shows was to literally rearrange your life around the schedules set forth by the television networks and local cinemas. Now we live in a world in which you can watch whatever you want—whenever and wherever you desire—all with the magic of those wonderful mobile devices we call tablets.

The Concerns of Mobile Convenience

Whether you realize it or not, when you’re watching a video, a movie or a TV show on your tablet, you’re often catching a good amount of glare as well. Not only can the bright and glaring tablet screen be annoying to stare at for the duration of a movie or a few episodes of a TV show, but the strain can also cause health issues.  Enhanced by sunlight, overhead fluorescent lights, or even the regular lighting in your home, the glare from tablets can cause great strain on the eyes, which can lead to severe headaches.

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Use Handwriting Apps? NuShield Can Protect Your Screen.

Doctors, delivery men, artists, retail employees: No matter what your profession—and regardless of whether your work takes place in a white-collar office setting or a more labor-intensive blue-collar environment—you probably know full well how deeply touchscreen technology has changed the way we work today—not to mention the speed at which we’re able to do it.

Over the past five years or so, the touchscreens that are built into tablets, smartphones, and even retail point of sale (POS) systems have rapidly become a permanent part of how humans interact with computers. And along with those advances in computing hardware have come a slew of fantastically useful mobile applications that allow users to draw or write directly onto the screens of their mobile devices.

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Love Music Apps? You Need to Protect Your Tablet’s Screen

Technology is changing at an absolutely breakneck pace: Many of the computer applications and software programs that are considered commonplace today were unheard of just a few years ago. Take music, for instance: Up until just a few short years ago, cassette tapes, compact discs and home stereos were the standard tools we used to listen to our favorite songs. Not any longer.

Music Apps

According to a survey recently conducted by the Pew Research Council, 48 percent of Americans are now listening to music digitally, using their smartphones or tablets. Nearly one out of every two Americans, in other words, now listens to music on a mobile device!

Many of us are listening to our favorite artists with the help of apps such as Spotify, which allows users to listen to the albums and playlists they love for free. Other popular apps for streaming music include Pandora and Slacker Radio.

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