Month: June 2016

Spare Your Eyes When Reading Your iPad or Notebook Poolside

Notebooks and iPads are small and light. They can contain thousands of books, and they make it easy to order and receive new books with just a few clicks. Their portability makes them the perfect option for book-lovers on vacation. Plus, one device, used many times, is more environmentally friendly than buying and recycling many magazines, or having several books shipped to you.

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Alert: Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protectors With a Fatal Flaw

Crystal clear tempered glass screen protectors promise maximum transparency and impact protection. This makes for good advertising, but there is a major drawback. The clear surface reflects everything around it, making the display hard to read. For good viewing on LCD devices under most viewing conditions, an anti-glare or anti-reflective covering is needed. Whether you are quickly reading short txt exchanges on your phone, or reading full-length magazine articles on your iPad or tablet, glare and reflections are best avoided. Consequently, many clear tempered glass users are also applying the NuShield Triple A® anti-glare or DayVue anti-reflective screen protectors film on top of their tempered glass protectors.

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Greenhouse Automation: NuShield DayVue Screen Protectors Ease Reading Displays for Horticulturists

Anyone who works in a greenhouse or in the context of horticulture understands the importance of efficiency. The typical greenhouse or horticulture business requires extensive outdoor work with chemicals, water, plants and computers. Greenhouse automation makes substantial use of computers in this push for efficiency. Some horticulturists actually spend the majority of their day out in the field, analyzing data with a tablet or smartphone.

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Reduce Retina Fatigue on Your Retina Displays and Glossy Screens

Retina displays and glossy screens are all part of the new wave of high definition laptops, smartphones and tablets. Retina displays have given viewers a sharpness and clarity that was unheard of just a few short years ago, and virtually every type of video viewing screen, from televisions to GPS units, have some sort of high definition technology.

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