Month: November 2016

Protect Holiday Gifts you Give this Year with NuShield Screen Protectors

The holiday season is upon us once again and people are starting to shop for gifts for their loved ones. If you’re like many, you may be considering getting a tablet or iPad for those dear to you. These handy devices are perfect for those who love to read; they hold countless books, magazines and newspapers, and are light, thin and easy to carry. You won’t have to carry a heavy bag of books to the pool or on vacation, and you don’t have to worry about recycling or throwing away so much paper when you’re done reading.

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Fighting ISIS on the battlefield with NuShield DayVue Protected Devices

Using your laptop or tablet while sitting at home you don’t usually worry about the reflective sun glare on your display.

But what if you were out in the desert, or other hostile territory, on the trail of ISIS, where there is little or no shade, trying to coordinate military forces or logistics with the sun beating down on you from above? While there are laptops and tablets that have been built for these specific situations, they still do not perform as well when the user wears polarized sunglasses. You may get rid of the glare, but the darkening effect of the glasses would limit your vision of the screen in front of you. It almost seems like a no-win situation.

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