Month: May 2017

See What Your Drone Sees, Not Your Reflection

The biggest wave in modern technology are drones. Whether they are used as a hobby, surveillance in law enforcement, real estate or just to get incredibly neat video or still pictures, drones are taking the consumer, commercial and professional market by storm!

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DayVue Anti-reflective Screen Protector Helps You See Your Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycling is a thrilling and hard to forget adventure. A single ride leaves you yearning for more. Enjoying maximum freedom on the road and finding your way past the traffic is an experience you want to have. This is beautiful especially when you can take trips outside your local area. In the old days you had to prepare by looking at paper maps and charting your route. Today, you have a GPS that will keep you on the right path. Some bikes come with a GPS built in already or you can fit a GPS such as the TomTom Rider 400 or Garmin Zumo 595LM on your motorcycle to guide you.

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