Month: June 2018

Watch TV, Not Your Surroundings

As the weather gets warmer more of us are spending time outdoors. But we are not ready to give up watching our TVs. Today’s TVs are thinner than ever, bigger than ever and able to produce the most amazing picture. And having a big TV outside lets you watch sports or other favorite show from the pool, deck or sitting on the porch.

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U.S. Military Relies On NuShield

Long gone are the days when troops stormed beaches without reliable information about enemy positions and capabilities. Today, our military relies on extensive information on the battlefield which helps to limit casualties and insures superiority on land, at sea and in the air.

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NuShield Graduates with Honors

The months of May and June see multitudes of students graduate all the way from Kindergarten to Graduate School. You have proud parents, siblings, relatives and friends gather for the big event and act like paparazzi around the graduate. This is a very special moment and you don’t want it ruined by glare.

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