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Is Your Nintendo Switch Screen Properly Protected?

Is Your Nintendo Switch Screen Properly Protected?

When it comes to a unique gaming console, nothing currently beats the Nintendo Switch. You can use it in your home or on the go, making it an ultra-portable device. However, as with many other portable devices, the screen is always vulnerable to scratches. This is even more pronounced on the Nintendo Switch. The display uses a plastic cover on the screen rather than a scratch-proof material such as gorilla glass. Furthermore, the dock of the Nintendo Switch has been shown to cause scratches when the device is placed and removed from the dock. The scratches are even more pronounced along the areas of the display that line up with the edges of the dock. And because the space is tight you cannot use a thicker glass type screen protector because it will come off when the device is inserted.

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Virtual Reality and the Heightened Pleasure of Gaming

With 2.6 billion gamers worldwide, video games are sold just about everywhere – in mall stores, main street stores, dedicated video game stores, and online. In 45 years, gaming platforms have gone from one player arcade-like games played in a living room, to games participated by millions of players and viewed by millions of spectators in arenas. In 2016, the League of Legends World Competition drew 43 million viewers. If the League of Legends viewers formed a country, its population would be roughly the same size as Argentina’s. That’s a whole lot of gaming devotees. Continue reading

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