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NuShield Protects Large TV Screens

We are happy to announce that the NuShield Antiglare screen protector film is available in sizes up to 100 inch diagonal.  Other manufacturers can only sell up to 80 inch diagonal films.

If you have a TV that is 82 inch, 85 inch, 90 inch or even 98 inch diagonal you need not suffer with glare any longer. Our Antiglare film has a non-adhesive backing so you don’t have to worry about bubbles or hard installation process.  We use a thin double-sided adhesive strip that holds the film in place. In just 10 minutes you can install our film and enjoy glare free TV.

The film even works with TVs that are placed outside under an awning or in a three season room that has glass all around.  The film diffuses the glare so you can watch your show, not reflections from your yard or other surroundings.

NuShield currently supports over 15,000 different devices with an LCD, LED or plasma display up to 100 inch diagonal.  Major television manufacturers include LG, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL and Sharp.

If we don’t already list your TV on our website NuShield can create new film sizes to fit your device without extra cost. Just provide the width and height measurements of your screen using our Contact Us form.

Media Players are a Good Source of Entertainment for Holiday Travel

Keeping the kids entertained while you’re traveling out of town is important for maintaining your sanity. Looking for an easy way to keep the kids entertained en route while you’re out visiting family this holiday season? Having a media player in your car is a great way to entertain kids of all ages.

NuShield Screen Protector Improves Visibility of Media Player Screens

Of course, putting an expensive and fragile electronic device in the hands of rambunctious youngsters can be risky. It’s a good idea to take some precautions to protect your media player from all the hazards caused by the rough use it’s sure to receive during a long road trip.

The most important thing you need to protect is the LCD display of your media player. By placing a screen protector from NuShield over your screen, you can rest assured that your media player will remain in mint condition throughout the hectic holiday season . NuShield also works with back of the seat entertainment systems.

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