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Enhanced Metal Detectors Used to Find Treasures at the Beach

As the weather reaches the 90s the beaches around the country are filling up with people escaping the heat of the city and enjoying the fun in the sand and ocean.  Other than sunbathing beachgoers you will probably see some folks walking around with funny looking sticks and a plate-looking object near the sand waving it around.

These avid “miners” are looking for all kinds of objects either washed ashore or left behind. As with anything, there are a wide variety of opinions about the best locations to metal detect. Of course, during the peak season, you’re likely to be able to find coins, rings and odd pieces of jewelry almost anywhere due to a large number of folks on the beach. However, if you are in the off-season like this time of year there are a few areas that may give you better results.

  • Along the piers- This is a great place to metal detect due to a large amount of traffic in the area. Additionally, people often drop things from the piers. The wave action is also unique along the pier due to the pilings which gives you lots of interesting places to find treasure. 
  • After rain- A wonderful time to detect is after a rainstorm, which reduces the level of the sand, and causes washouts that will allow previously undetected targets to appear.
  • Low Tide- When the tide goes out a whole new opportunity presents itself. Make sure to explore further out when the tide goes out.
  • High Tide- As the tide comes in the wave action allows previously unfound targets to be churned up. Take some time as the tide comes in to explore the waterline.
  • Drop Off- Look for places where the tide has created drop-offs of sand or other interesting washouts. These drop-offs are perfect places to find targets that you would otherwise miss.

Metal detection is an outdoor activity, best enjoyed on sunny, cool days. To avoid reflections from the detector’s screen, it is best to install the NuShield DayVue™ film on the display, which is the only film that stops the reflections and sun glare and doesn’t block the screen image when the user wears sunglasses.

Metal detecting offers a lot of benefits. First, it is a great way to get out and enjoy the beach. The benefits of walking are well known and on a good day, it is easy to walk 3 or 4 miles without even knowing it while detecting. Additionally, it is a great way to clean up the beaches of trash and debris. All those soda cans and bits of metal you find that are not treasures should all be placed in the trash to help keep our local beaches clean. As with any sport, if you appreciate the areas that you are detecting, you’ll want to become good stewards of those beaches. Make sure to get involved in local clubs, or other activities to help preserve our Ocean Isle Beaches. Metal detecting is fun for the whole family and the perfect way to take the kids out on the beach for something fun and different. 

NuShield currently offers the DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film for a variety of metal detector displays on the market and will work with customers to create new sizes if they don’t already have it in their database without extra charge. 

The DayVue film is easy to install because it uses a tacky adhesive and lasts a long time. NuShield also offers screen protector films for over 15,000 other devices from televisions down to Smartphones.