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How NuShield Helps the Staff at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a place that has a combination of attributes: It is both entertaining and important.

With the safety and happiness of many marine mammals, fish, and other sea creatures in the hands of the SeaWorld staff, these professionals require top-of-the-line technology to ensure the facility’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The staffers at SeaWorld employ Microsoft Surface 3 tablets to keep everything on track.  A specialized software tracks the feeding and medicating of the various fish and mammals in the staffers’ care.

But here’s where things get a little tricky: These employees spend a great deal of their workday outside in the Florida sunshine, which often causes substantial glare on their Surface devices. In addition to problems that can be caused by the sun, SeaWorld’s team members obviously spend much of their time around water, and most of that is saltwater.

Saltwater can cause dual damage to unprotected devices: Water itself is, of course, a foe to electronics. And salt can cause corrosion to occur. The graininess of salt can also make it difficult to use and clean these touchscreen tablets.

In search of a remedy to the sun and salt situations, SeaWorld explored the various technologies offered by NuShield. The optimal solution was the DayVue film.

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