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Why Cruise Ship Technology Needs NuShield Now

If you’ve been working in the cruise ship industry for, say, 10 or 15 years, you’ve almost certainly noticed some changes to cruise ship technology.

Prior to the late 1990s, or perhaps even the early part of the 21st century, for instance, most ship pursers were still keeping the majority of their financial records on actual paper.

A cruise line’s marketing manager spent a good portion of their day working the (land line) phones in those days, long before Facebook or Twitter have even been conceived. A housekeeping administrative assistant carried her marching orders around on a clipboard, not a tablet computer. A shore excursion manager was forced to find a payphone if something went wrong, and a call back to the ship was deemed necessary. Today, they wouldn’t dream of walking onto land without a fully charged smartphone.

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Hey, Crafters! Here’s How to Keep Your DIY Cricut Cutting Machine Going Stronger for Longer

The DIY crafting movement certainly isn’t anything new. From independently published magazines like ReadyMade, which launched back in 2001, to mainstream do-it-yourself media icons like Martha Stewart, who has been teaching Americans to flex their crafting muscles for decades, home crafting has gone from being a near-necessity, to a trend, to an incredibly popular activity that people of all ages and nearly all interests seem to be taking part in these days. Continue reading

How NuShield Helps Church LCD Displays Spread the Good Word

As technology continues its expansion into more and more facets of life, churches are increasingly beginning to turn towards it for help in spreading their message. Emails and social media, for instance, help keep the flock in the loop of the church community. Large LCD screens are replacing traditional bulletin boards.

And yet, as churches continue finding new uses for technology, they’re also discovering the problems that technology can introduce.

Consider, for example, a megachurch that uses a collection of digital LCD screens to give parishioners a better view of the pastor. Both natural and artificial light can cause debilitating screen glare, which in turn can easily inhibit the spread of the good word. In fact, that’s almost exactly what happened recently in the North Carolina legislative chamber, where a number of very expensive Sharp digital TV monitors were reduced to little more than mirrors as a result of screen glare.

Fortunately, NuShield was able to help out in that situation. If your church is running into similar problems, we can help fix your situation, too.

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NuShield Screen Protection Is a Vote Against Germs

Do you remember the last time you were inside a local polling station? Maybe it was a station that had been temporarily erected inside a public school or library, or even a restaurant or a neighbor’s garage.

Perhaps you were there to cast a ballot in a municipal election. Maybe you were voting in a presidential primary election. But whatever the scenario, and wherever the location, it’s unlikely that you spent much time thinking about the intricacies of the polling place’s voting machines. And yet … maybe you should have.

Did you know, for instance, that the very first voting machine to use a lever debuted in 1892? Known as the “Myers Automatic Booth,” it was such a success that mechanical lever machines were still being used as recently as 1996.

But you’re unlikely to ever again see a lever-operated mechanical voting machine, at least outside of an antiques store. We are, after all, solidly in the Age of Electronics. And that at least partially explains why computerized voting machines—many of them complete with electronic touchscreens—have completely replaced the old mechanic models that served the country for more than a century.

If you’re over the age of 18, there’s a decent chance you’ve used a touchscreen-enabled voting machine, which is technically known as a direct-recording electronic (DRE) machine.

Only 7.7 percent of polling stations in the United States were using DRE machines in 1996, when they first came into popular use. By 2004 that number had risen to 28.9 percent. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the machines, which some voters consider highly fallible and relatively easy to hack, electronic voting is now a staple of the voting process not only in the U.S., but worldwide.

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Is Your Computer Screen Ruining Your Health?

How you can protect yourself from headaches caused by the blue light emitted from your LED monitor

If you’re someone whose job involves sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day and staring into its monitor, you’ve probably read an article or two — or perhaps seen a news report, or maybe even had a conversation — about the negative effect that blue light emanating from screens can have on our eyesight, and even on our overall health.

According to leading ophthalmologists, the problem is largely a result of continuous, long-term exposure to the light produced not only by computer monitors, but also from tablets, flat-screen LED TVs (such as those manufactured by Samsung, Sony, and LG), and OLED TVs with curved screens, including the very newest models from Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. A report from GigaOm’s technology research platform, meanwhile, revealed that long-term exposure to blue light after dark can lead to chronic insomnia, and even breast cancer.

“Being in the presence of light at night disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythms by suppressing the production of [the sleep hormone known as] melatonin,” according to the report’s author. “But melatonin does far more than help us get sleepy — it’s also an antioxidant that appears to play a pivotal role in slowing the progression of cancer and other diseases.”

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How to Protect Your iPhone If You’re Addicted to Apple Pay

The Apple iPhone is always on the cutting edge of Smartphone technology. With Apple’s new Apple Pay system, you can leave your wallet at home and use your phone to make secure payments at stores with just one touch of a button.

With this additional convenient feature, you’ll find yourself reaching for your iPhone even more often—but at what cost? Protecting your screen is more important than ever, and NuShield is ready to help.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay works by digitizing your credit information and securely communicating it to sensors at participating retailers. Rather than shuffling through credit cards in your wallet, you simply need to put your iPhone near the sensor, and then press the button to confirm the payment. You don’t even have to unlock your phone’s screen! The NFC (near field communication) antenna ensures you never have to actually touch the sensor.

In a world where identity theft is rampant, protection is key. Apple Pay ensures secure payments by creating device- and transaction-specific codes that are shared with the merchant to make the transaction. Your actual credit card information is never shared, so your identity is protected. Your information is kept completely private. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can easily disable it, so no one can use your phone to make Apple Pay payments.

But who’s protecting your phone?

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Has Your Tablet or Phone Become a Toddler Toy? NuShield Tablet Screen Protection to the Rescue!

Your tablet is a large financial investment and is something you treasure. But your toddler or child doesn’t know this. To them, your iPad or Android slate is simply a toy that offers delight after delight, complete with funny sounds and animations.

Your toddler doesn’t understand how crucial the screen on the tablet is to the entire system, and will go to the extent of throwing the tablet down or piling items on it, oblivious of the potential harm. The result is obvious: a scratched screen that takes your finances back a few hundred dollars. You need a solution to keep your tablet screen intact, while at the same time allowing your child to enjoy its unlimited delights.

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The Secret to Extending the Life of Tablets Used by Medical Professionals

Where once the medical field was laden with heavy paper charts, today, medical offices and hospitals are increasingly relying on technology to make patient information both more accessible and more secure.

Doctors now enter the exam or hospital room, tablet in hand, able to quickly and easily access patient records, jot down notes, and send electronic prescriptions. This improves patient care while cutting down on unnecessary paperwork.  However, the use of electronic displays in a germ-filled environment can significantly increase the chance of transferring bacteria from one patient to another if proper precautions aren’t taken.

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Use Cell Phone Calendar Apps to Schedule Your Life? Try NuShield

It wakes you up in the morning, reminds you of your meeting in the afternoon, and your daughter’s soccer game in the evening. Your entire life is in your Smartphone, and without it you’d be lost (and late for everything).

Are you taking the right precautions to protect your mobile device?

Calendars & More

With apps such as Evernote, To-Doist, and others, keeping track of your calendar is as simple as a few screen taps. You can set reminders for appointments and meetings, to pick up milk on your way home, and to say happy birthday to your mother.

Mobile devices have replaced the need for paper calendars and planners, allowing you to sync your schedule across multiple devices. Calendar sharing options help eliminate the frustrating and embarrassing need to repeatedly reschedule an appointment due to scheduling conflicts. At a glance you can see your meetings at work, what your family has planned, and your social obligations all on the same screen.

For many people, these mobile calendars have become a lifeline, keeping them on time and up-to-date with business and personal activities. If this data was inaccessible—even temporarily—who knows what events might be missed? At best, it would be an inconvenience. At worst, it could cost you your job.

When you rely on your Smartphone to keep you on track it needs to be treated with care.

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Is the Groupon Merchant App Wrecking Havoc on Your Tablet or Smartphone?

Since its launch in 2008, Groupon has radically transformed the world of online shopping. The group buying site currently boasts over 70 million subscribers who adore the site’s daily discounts on everything from pedicures to sushi dinners.

Everyone loves saving money, and with Groupon consistently offering $100 massages for as little as $25, for instance, and $50 meals for $15, it has become a friend of many. The service attracts consumers, promotes local businesses, and ultimately helps to build long-lasting business relationships.

Reflection and glare can hurt the user experience

If you accept Groupon at your place of business and use the Groupon Merchant App to keep track of customers and bookings, or to accept credit card payments, you probably find yourself staring into a screen for the better part of the day. According to medical experts, this can be harmful to your eyes.

The name for eye problems caused by extensive computer use is computer vision syndrome (CVS). Research has shown that between 50 to 90 percent of all mobile device and computer users have CVS symptoms of some sort. You can probably guess why computers cause so many more eye problems than, say, reading from paper: To a large degree, the flicker, contrast and glare of computer screens is the main culprit.

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