Month: June 2015

Use Your Phone at the Gym? Here’s One Accessory You Can’t Live Without

Even the most dedicated workout enthusiast runs the risk of facing boredom at the weight rack, or fatigue on the treadmill. That’s why when it comes to renewing focus, there are few better gym buddies than the Smartphone.

You know: The source of your best music playlists and podcasts, not to mention those hilarious YouTube videos that make you snort the sort of laughter that earns you weird looks from the rest of the gym.

Sure, you could tackle those miles on the treadmill (or the endless repetitions of squats) without your phone. But wouldn’t that make the whole workout experience roughly a million times more tedious? Also, it would also prevent you from updating Facebook and Instagram with those motivational selfies.

Or to put it another way: Taking good care of that little rectangle of tech known as your Smartphone screen is super important, especially if you go to the gym on even a semi-frequent basis.

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How to Protect Your iPhone If You’re Addicted to Apple Pay

The Apple iPhone is always on the cutting edge of Smartphone technology. With Apple’s new Apple Pay system, you can leave your wallet at home and use your phone to make secure payments at stores with just one touch of a button.

With this additional convenient feature, you’ll find yourself reaching for your iPhone even more often—but at what cost? Protecting your screen is more important than ever, and NuShield is ready to help.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay works by digitizing your credit information and securely communicating it to sensors at participating retailers. Rather than shuffling through credit cards in your wallet, you simply need to put your iPhone near the sensor, and then press the button to confirm the payment. You don’t even have to unlock your phone’s screen! The NFC (near field communication) antenna ensures you never have to actually touch the sensor.

In a world where identity theft is rampant, protection is key. Apple Pay ensures secure payments by creating device- and transaction-specific codes that are shared with the merchant to make the transaction. Your actual credit card information is never shared, so your identity is protected. Your information is kept completely private. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can easily disable it, so no one can use your phone to make Apple Pay payments.

But who’s protecting your phone?

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If You Use Mobile Apps for Marine Navigation, Read This

Whether for business or pleasure, it’s vitally important to know where you are when you’re out at sea. Modern navigation systems have made this much easier: You now have GPS data to pinpoint your location, making sure you never get lost while out on the water.

These electronic devices can also help you locate fish and tell you the depth of the water, making marine excursions safer and easier.

Unfortunately, being out on the water exposes you—and your expensive equipment—to the harsh and unforgiving natural elements. Sun, wind, and salty spray from the sea can take a serious toll on your electronics, corroding the LCD screens.

Sun glare can make LCD screens nearly impossible to see, putting you in an incredibly dangerous situation. While polarizing sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays and reflections, they further impede your ability to see your navigational device’s LCD screen.

But what can be done?

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