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Use Your Phone at the Gym? Here’s One Accessory You Can’t Live Without

Even the most dedicated workout enthusiast runs the risk of facing boredom at the weight rack, or fatigue on the treadmill. That’s why when it comes to renewing focus, there are few better gym buddies than the Smartphone.

You know: The source of your best music playlists and podcasts, not to mention those hilarious YouTube videos that make you snort the sort of laughter that earns you weird looks from the rest of the gym.

Sure, you could tackle those miles on the treadmill (or the endless repetitions of squats) without your phone. But wouldn’t that make the whole workout experience roughly a million times more tedious? Also, it would also prevent you from updating Facebook and Instagram with those motivational selfies.

Or to put it another way: Taking good care of that little rectangle of tech known as your Smartphone screen is super important, especially if you go to the gym on even a semi-frequent basis.

Accidents Will Happen—Make Sure They Aren’t Permanent

You’re always careful with your phone: You take care to always put it down on level surfaces. To keep water at bay, you don’t bring it into the shower, or near the pool or sauna. You may even have a special arm band or waist case it rests in during jogs around the track.

Yet even with all those precautions, your phone is still at risk for the most common kind of ‘whoops!’, which we like to think of as ‘screen injuries.’ You know how it goes: You’re sipping on that protein peanut butter smoothie and the cup tips just enough to send a glob flying onto your beautiful touch screen.

Did you know touch screens are actually composed of a material that has tiny little holes in it? Anyone who has ever let water sit on their phone or tablet’s screen has learned this lesson the hard way. In short, your phone definitely does not need a boost of protein shake the way you do!

When you’re at the gym, you’re going to want to keep moisture relegated to your water bottle. As for your Smartphone screen, you can keep it dry, scratch-free and microbe-free with the very simple (and surprisingly affordable) addition of a NuShield screen protector.

NuShield’s Triple A film, for instance, is available for nearly every Smartphone screen on the market. It will turn your device into an anti-fingerprint, anti-glare and antimicrobial machine. It will also go a very long way toward protecting your screen from damaging dings and scratches.

And because moisture will no longer be an issue with your NuShield film, it will keep excess droplets from compromising touch screen response time. It’ll even preserve overall operation.

Thump, Bump … Scrrrratchhh!

You’re scrolling through songs or trying to find that audio book you want to finish, and then… the safety key for the treadmill swings around your wrist and scrapes against your screen. Ouch!

This could go one of two ways, depending on whether or not your phone has a NuShield screen protector in place:

1. You could wince, immediately step off the treadmill, and start wiping at your screen with the edge of your workout tee to check for damage.

2. Or you could simply roll your eyes, move the key, and go back to scrolling.

A NuShield Smartphone screen protector for the gym is a great idea for exactly this reason. In the high-energy, high-population environment of a workout center, getting jostled, bumped and scraped is a reality of life for your phone. Rather than hoping it doesn’t happen, take precautions for when it does by giving your screen an extra layer of protection — one that’s nearly invisible, and that won’t interfere with touchscreen operation. If you decide to remove the NuShield film at any point, it won’t even leave a sticky residue on your screen.

Even if you manage to avoid accidents, think about how many times you turn on your phone at the gym with sweaty, oily fingertips to check calorie counting apps, sync your workout tracker, or just to see what time it is. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you were doing it all on a surface that easily wipes clean?

You have a lot of reasons to keep your phone in its best possible condition. With more trade-in programs popping up on major carriers and the resale value of Smartphones skyrocketing, investing in a Smartphone screen protector for the gym helps protect your very pricey tech investment. It only takes a second to put a hard-working NuShield in place, but the benefits it provides last far, far longer!

Click here to order a NuShield film for your phone now — or at least before your next trip to the gym.