Month: December 2015

How the North Carolina Legislature Used NuShield to See Clearly

North Carolina Legislative Chamber prior to installation of NuShield screen protectors

One of the great things about the democratic process is that citizens have proper representation to help make their voices heard.

Technology has made amazing strides in streamlining the voting process. But sometimes everyday inhibitions put up barriers to success that aren’t even obvious at first glance.

Recently, the North Carolina state legislature learned how problematic beautiful aesthetics can be when its newly-installed, 70-inch digital Sharp television monitors came into conflict with the House Chamber’s chandeliers.

Here’s what happened:

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Why All Offices Should Take Advantage of NuShield’s Antimicrobial Protection

Sharing ideas at the office? Good. Sharing your cold? Not so good. NuShield can help with that.

Every company has experienced the dreaded “office cold.” This is the malady that creeps from cubicle to cubicle, spreading germs and illness far and wide, and destroying any semblance of productivity.

When the outbreak initially occurs, coworkers try to limit its spread by keeping hand sanitizer on their desks, covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough, and spraying desktop phones with rubbing alcohol. Some of us become downright anti-social in our efforts to avoid the office plague.

While these are all laudable efforts, they don’t often seem to stop the work killing-illness whatsoever. Which begs the question: What if there was a solution so simple that office workers wouldn’t even have to think about it? Well, as it happens … there is.

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NuShield Screen Protection Is a Vote Against Germs

Do you remember the last time you were inside a local polling station? Maybe it was a station that had been temporarily erected inside a public school or library, or even a restaurant or a neighbor’s garage.

Perhaps you were there to cast a ballot in a municipal election. Maybe you were voting in a presidential primary election. But whatever the scenario, and wherever the location, it’s unlikely that you spent much time thinking about the intricacies of the polling place’s voting machines. And yet … maybe you should have.

Did you know, for instance, that the very first voting machine to use a lever debuted in 1892? Known as the “Myers Automatic Booth,” it was such a success that mechanical lever machines were still being used as recently as 1996.

But you’re unlikely to ever again see a lever-operated mechanical voting machine, at least outside of an antiques store. We are, after all, solidly in the Age of Electronics. And that at least partially explains why computerized voting machines—many of them complete with electronic touchscreens—have completely replaced the old mechanic models that served the country for more than a century.

If you’re over the age of 18, there’s a decent chance you’ve used a touchscreen-enabled voting machine, which is technically known as a direct-recording electronic (DRE) machine.

Only 7.7 percent of polling stations in the United States were using DRE machines in 1996, when they first came into popular use. By 2004 that number had risen to 28.9 percent. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the machines, which some voters consider highly fallible and relatively easy to hack, electronic voting is now a staple of the voting process not only in the U.S., but worldwide.

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Wired Magazine Gives NuShield’s DayVue Film the Nod

It’s not every day that the product you’ve spent so many years of your life working hard to perfect gets written about in an incredibly popular national newsstand magazine. Yet that’s exactly what happened to us here at NuShield during the first week of August, when Wired magazine reporter Tim Moynihan published an article on the Wired website titled, “The Days of Squinting at Laptops in the Sun Are Almost Over.”

As its title suggests, Moynihan’s article mulled over the various reasons laptop screens are so hard to see while working outside in the sun. There are, in fact, a number of different reasons your average laptop screen doesn’t play well with sunlight. Some of those explanations are fairly technical, while others aren’t much more than plain common sense. If you’re interested in the specifics, click here to give the story a read.

Frankly, though, at NuShield we’re more interested in solving the laptop glare problem than in wondering why the issue is the way it is. And as Moynihan rightly points out, we have that solution in the form of our DayVue screen protection film.

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This Holiday Season, Give Your Mobile Device the Gift of Safety and Security

Show us a friend or family member who genuinely does not want to get a new Smartphone or tablet this holiday season, and we’ll show you someone who probably isn’t being honest about their holiday wish list.

Not everyone has fallen victim to the hypnotic sway of the digital and mobile revolution. But as the years pass and mobile computing devices become more and more convenient, those people are becoming harder and harder to find.

Indeed, the look on a family member’s face as they unwrap a new Android Nexus or an iPhone 6 is truly a welcome sight to behold. Because not only do these devices provide endless hours of fun and distraction—they’ve also become practically indispensable for everyday living.

But there’s another facial expression common to all owners of mobile devices that isn’t quite so joyous at all. Nearly all of us have experienced it. It’s the look on a device owner’s face when that new phone, for instance, becomes unexpectedly damaged. You can be almost certain that somewhere in the world, at this very moment, a Smartphone is being dropped and a screen is being irreparably scratched.

If you want to avoid that experience with your own devices, or with the devices you’ll be buying loved ones this season, there’s a way to do so that is both foolproof and almost surprisingly affordable. It exists in the form of a simple NuShield screen protector, which comes with the added benefit of reducing screen glare, keeping that screen free of fingerprints and other smudges, and nearly eliminating the bacteria that is almost certainly present on the Smartphone that’s sitting in your purse or pants pocket right now. But more about that in a minute.

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