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How the North Carolina Legislature Used NuShield to See Clearly

North Carolina Legislative Chamber prior to installation of NuShield screen protectors

One of the great things about the democratic process is that citizens have proper representation to help make their voices heard.

Technology has made amazing strides in streamlining the voting process. But sometimes everyday inhibitions put up barriers to success that aren’t even obvious at first glance.

Recently, the North Carolina state legislature learned how problematic beautiful aesthetics can be when its newly-installed, 70-inch digital Sharp television monitors came into conflict with the House Chamber’s chandeliers.

Here’s what happened:

Lighting Was Situated Close to the Screens

The chandeliers in the House Chamber are suspended high above the ground, but the recently-installed digital television screens had to be positioned equally high to the façade of the visitor’s gallery and to ensure visibility for all members of the legislature—specifically when votes are being taken.

The close proximity of the lights to the monitors, coupled with the powerful wattage of the lights, created a glare on the screens that made the content nearly impossible to view from below.

Glare Prevented the Audience from Accurately Viewing Voting Results

The North Carolina chamber, showing NuShield film installed on left monitor

When the monitors were installed, the intent was to provide a tally system visible to all members of the legislature, so the entire floor could see where the votes stood.

That intent was lost, however, when representatives standing at certain spots in the chamber could read the displays. The IT director of the General Assembly had to find solutions, and quickly while the legislature was out of session.

But this was a problem that needed a very specific and specialized solution.

NuShield Provided a Test Piece

Covering big areas is no small task, especially in the case of glare occurring on the screens of digital devices. NuShield was commissioned to send a test piece of the Triple A anti-glare film with the hopes that once installed, it will be an effective glare reduction solution.

After installation, it was determined by the IT director that the Triple A film made a significant improvement in display readability from various angles around the chamber and within three weeks all the television monitors were covered with the NuShield film overlay.

The Long and Short

When you think of glare on a screen, you may think that only small devices, such as laptops or phones, are affected. But screen glare, of course, can happen anywhere, on devices of any shape or size.

The North Carolina chamber after the installation of NuShield film

Oftentimes, the bigger the screen, the more problematic glare can become. When lights and large screen sizes start impacting a large audience, an investment in a high-quality glare-deterrent can save hundreds of dollars on the initial investment.

NuShield’s installation was:

Cost effective

If you’re experiencing glare that’s inhibiting your ability to view a screen, regardless of whether it’s on a small or large scale, consider the impact that a glare-reducing product can have on your life. Television screens, computers, and tablets are just a handful of the everyday devices that are subject to glare from light, and NuShield currently supports over 12,000 of these items with specialized technology that reduces glare and increases readability.

At NuShield, we’re proud to say that our product is always running right alongside today’s technology needs. Take a look at some of our other blog stories to learn about other ways that NuShield makes a difference in everyday environments.