Month: April 2016

Medical Safety: Triple A Films Provide Germ Protection on National Nurses Day, and All Other Days

If you watch PBS’ new medical miniseries, Mercy Street, you will see that the nurses and doctors of the Civil War era did not engage in hygienic practices or germ protection. The series chronicles two volunteer nurses from the north and south who work at the Mansion House Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. The series shows that the cleanliness of the medical professionals in the Civil War era pales in comparison to modern day standards. Thankfully, things have changed drastically over the past century. Continue reading

Triple A Anti Glare Screen Protector Preserve Samsung’s New Touch Screen Refrigerators

Anti glare screen protector for Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Display

When Samsung released their new Family Hub Refrigerator, the first thing everyone noticed was the gigantic touch screen that covered up nearly the entire right side door. This touch screen, among other things, can connect to your smartphone, act like a calendar, show you the latest weather reports, let others leave messages for you, and essentially act like a “family hub” of information. It even possess video cameras that can show you the inside contents of your refrigerator, so that when shopping, you can just contact your fridge, take a look inside, and you’ll never miss getting anything you need, again. In Samsung’s world, the refrigerator has become the centerpiece of the kitchen, all at the touch of a video screen. Continue reading

Glare Reflection Can Now Be Avoided on Your RV TV, GPS, and Cameras

RV travel has always been a popular form of getting away from the hustle and the bustle of city life, and with gas prices dropping like never before, taking the RV out for a camping trip, or a cross country journey, has never been easier than it is now.

Rand McNally RV GPS RVND 7715 LM Navigation and Routing for RVs

One thing that you may not think of while traveling is glare on all of your electronic viewing screens. TV’s, GPS units, cameras and even laptops, tablets and notebooks are going to be used in places where they wouldn’t normally be. Continue reading

Anti-reflective Rugged Protectors on Police Laptops

The Mobile Office

NuShield DayVue screen protectors installed on police fleet laptops

Nowhere is a tablet or laptop exposed to more constant use and abuse than in a mobile office. And there is not a more demanding mobile office than a police car. When on the road, police cars have to deal with driving down streets and highways, with the sun coming into the cab at every which angle. To alleviate these  challenges, the rugged NuShield anti-reflective screen protectors have been integrated with police mobile systems. Continue reading

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