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Medical Safety: Triple A Films Provide Germ Protection on National Nurses Day, and All Other Days

If you watch PBS’ new medical miniseries, Mercy Street, you will see that the nurses and doctors of the Civil War era did not engage in hygienic practices or germ protection. The series chronicles two volunteer nurses from the north and south who work at the Mansion House Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. The series shows that the cleanliness of the medical professionals in the Civil War era pales in comparison to modern day standards. Thankfully, things have changed drastically over the past century.

National Nurses Day

Modern day nurses are hyper-focused on personal hygiene and treating others in the most hygienic manner possible. Since 1994, their service has been celebrated during National Nurses Week from May 6 through May 12. President Ronald Reagan actually signed a proclamation in 1982, naming May 6, “National Recognition Day”. The purpose of this day is to honor the country’s registered nurses. Their contributions to our society are often overlooked.

Germ Protection in Today’s Health Care Facility

As every nurse knows, medical environments quickly becoming high-tech areas with an array of electronics and touch screens. Nurses and doctors use these devices on the fly, often without considering the number of germs that they are exposed to. The average nurse touches all sorts of screens and electronic devices throughout the day. Add in the fact that she touches other surfaces like steering wheels, door handles, handrails and smartphones and it is easy to see why germs are spread so easily.

Nurses far and wide can obtain important protection against harmful microbes with the assistance of NuShield’s Triple A film. These anti-bacterial, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare films can be applied to devices with LED, LCD or plasma displays. They are perfect for computers monitors, tablets and laptops as well as other displays in the work environment as well as the home. The NuShield Triple A film will protect against contamination for yourself as well as others who use the facility’s touch screens. This way, you won’t have to worry about whether you are working in a hygienic manner.

How NuShield Triple A Films Guard Against the Spread of Germs

NuShield Triple A films are specially designed with anti-microbial properties that eliminate the potential contamination caused by busy medical professionals and others. The average touch screen is a breeding ground for germs. Whether the touch screen is in a doctor’s office, a hospital room or an EMT vehicle, it will likely be chock full of nasty germs.

By applying the NuShield Triple A film to your touch screen you will find that its anti-microbial coating reduces 99% of germs such as Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and colon bacillus. This thwarting of germs can be attributed to the inorganic anti-bacterial coating.

NuShield Triple A Films are Low-Maintenance

If you are concerned about the film application process, don’t worry! There is a tacky silicone rubber backing that holds the film onto the display. It can be easily attached and removed. When needed, NuShield can even create new film sizes for your screen in the event that it is not already listed in its database of over 12,000 electronic devices.

These films stand the test of time and the harshest chemicals such as rubbing alcohol, bleach or other solvents. The film’s anti-microbial properties will remain intact. This is the anti-germ safeguard your facility has been missing!

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