Month: April 2017

Protect EMS Workers and Patients with NuShield Anti-Bacterial Triple A Films

You may believe that places where medical personnel work, like hospitals, ambulances, emergency rooms, or other clinical settings, are pretty much bacteria free. The truth, however, is another matter. Some of the worst bacterial infections come from these places, and no matter how hard anyone tries, coming in contact with a device that has been contaminated, could lead to a nasty bacterial infection. Continue reading

Easy-to-see Agricultural Tractor and Combine Cab Displays with NuShield DayVue Anti-reflective Screen Protectors

Electronic gadgets with glossy LED and LCD screens are finding their way into homes and work environments every single day. Farmers are no exception. When you are running your massive irrigator, spreader, or combine harvester, it’s critical to know your location in the field. GPS driven touch screens are a common technology utilized by many large-scale farmers to evaluate their sowing density, fertilizer quantities, and several other parameters to improve productivity through precision farming. These interactive touch screens generate harmful glares that when not controlled, can cause headaches and eye strains, especially inside a cab that has surrounding glass.

Precision Farming Helps Reduce Costs

Whether you’re working in a 10,000-acre rice field or a 5,000-acre wheat farm, you have to rely on electronic equipment to know your position on the farm and reduce operational costs and maximize profits. This is achieved by using GPS network to ascertain your position, identify where to plant different seeds, and efficiently harvest your yields.

These software functionalities can be rendered useless by strong sun glare. The sun rays penetrate through the cab window and the operator is not able to read the screen display. The glare can also bounce off the screen causing headaches to the driver. Wearing polarized sunglasses will help to eliminate the reflections from the display, but without the NuShield film, the display looks dark due to the polarization of the lenses.

Why Farmer are Turning to NuShield

The DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film has been designed to eliminate this problem. Whether it’s a John Deere, Case New Holland, Trimble, or an AgLeader device, the DayVue film provides the ideal solution that has been proven in practice. The film installs over the surface of the LCD display and virtually eliminates sun-glare that bounces off the screen. And because the film is circular polarized, you still see the display clearly while you wear polarized sunglasses.

The NuShield screen protector is manufactured with a low-tack adhesive rubber backing that attaches it to the display screen. This makes it easier to install the film on flat screen LCD surfaces and you can later adjust with ease if need be. It typically takes about five minutes to install the film and get rid of any bubbles. Additionally, the technology offered by the DayVue screen protection film provides functionalities for high contrast, brightness enhancement, clear visibility from all angles, and high durability.

The farming environment is associated with lots of dust, moisture, scratches, and gouges. The DayVue™ film is designed with a super thin, sturdy plastic based on a patented technology to provide protection against the rough outdoor conditions. It’s perhaps the only screen protection film that offers both anti-reflective effects with superior scratch resistance. The oil resistant coating allows easy cleaning of dirt, smudge, and dust off the screen.

This is a military grade film that is currently used on the battlefield by the US military to help them see their various devices during bright sunlight conditions. Now farmers can have the same advantage to fight the sun while cost effectively working the fields.

How to Order DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protectors

To save your eyes and enjoy the advantages of DayVue Anti-Reflective screen protectors for your GPS, order your film online. Select your GPS brand and model, the DayVue film type, and the quantity you want delivered to you. It’s that simple.

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