Month: May 2018

Is Your Voting Machine Safe from Germs?

voting machine We are once again entering the election cycle. Primaries are scheduled over the next couple of months and November is not that too distant in the future. Many municipalities have been upgrading their voting equipment, exchanging their old punch card or click-type booths for electronic touch screen machines.

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Handheld POS Speeds Up Outdoor Dining

handheld pos As the weather gets warmer you will notice that restaurants, large and small, are adding outdoor dining areas on the sidewalk. You will also notice that many establishments have adopted electronic ordering systems indoors. These terminals make it easier for servers to take orders and send orders to the kitchen, speeding up service and the delivery of your food. For the outdoor tables many restaurants are adopting an exciting new technology: wireless points of sale POS. A wireless POS system, such as Micros Oracle, TouchBistro, Boxy POS, BIM POS, ShopKeep, or eZeeBurrp, makes employees’ lives easier by relaying orders directly to the kitchen, as they’re taken from the table. All a restaurant needs is a WiFi network throughout its building, and communication between the kitchen and the front of the house is easy.

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Key Importance of a Screen Protector for Your Eyes When Using Devices

Smartphones and tablets are becoming a common sight these days as almost everyone – including you – has at least one. Speaking of sight, those same mobile devices can take a toll on your eyes, especially if you can’t spend at least an hour without checking on your social media account, catching up on some TV series, or playing your favorite mobile game. You may not become totally blind, but your vision can decline if you’re using your mobile device with an unprotected screen. Thus, you would want to buy a screen protector, and listed below are some reasons why it’s important for your eyes whenever you’re using your mobile device.

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