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Phone Putting You at Risk for the Flu? Unprotected smartphones can carry 18 times bacteria than a toilet flush handle.

Here is something that you may not realize. Your Samsung Galaxy phone, Nexus Android phone, or any smart phone screen can harbor illness causing bacteria like E coli or staphylococci bacteria, among others, which may lead to illness or infection. Most of the time, this type of bacteria on smartphones are caused by regular phone handling, which transfers the infectious agents to the screen. Your smartphone is especially susceptible when other people handle or use it to make calls, surf the Internet – or when your children play games on it. When that happens, contamination can occur on your screen, and after that, it is an easy step to transfer the bacteria on smartphones to your face, mouth or nose, and lead to an illness or infection.

Cleaning the Phone is Not the Answer

Now, your first thought might be that regularly cleaning the screen would take care of the issue. There are certain chemicals available that reliably wipe out all forms or bacteria and viruses. The problem is this. Most smart phone and cell phone companies, including Samsung and LG, do not recommend cleaning the screen surface with anything but a damp cloth. And although a damp cloth may remove streaks, dirt, smudges and others types of topical annoyances that affect the quality of the image, it has no effect on removing pathogens. So, what are supposed to do?

The Answer is a Triple A™ Screen Protector

A NuShield Triple A™ screen protector is a film that incorporates an inorganic anti-microbial technique that kills up to 99% of bacteria which may have been transferred to its surface. It has a matte coating, to reduce glare, it provides superior scratch resistance and it will even resist fingerprints.

Unlike original screens, a Triple A screen protector can be cleaned by a host of cleaners, including solvents, rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, bleach and other glass or screen cleaners. It comes in many different sizes, and not only is it available for smartphones from all the major makers, including Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Lenovo, Phillips, T-Mobile and Sharp, to name a few, but you can get a screen protector for televisions, laptop displays, computer monitors up to an 80 inch diagonal measurement, and virtually any other handheld or electronic device with a screen. Best of all, you can even custom order a size to fit your application, at no extra charge.

Tablets Too

Don’t forget about your tablet, especially those that are passed around for others to read. NuShield has your tablet covered just like your smartphone, and our screen protectors will fit all major manufacturers sizes and shapes from Dell to Asus, Apple to Kindle, Nook to Galaxy and everything in between.

Easy Installation

The Triple A screen protector can be applied just by using your fingers, with no other tools needed. Once in place, bubbles can be easily smoothed out and away. Virtually anyone can do this, and when the installation is complete, the 24 hour survival of bacteria on smartphones will become a thing of the past.

Protect Yourself

Research proves that bacteria and viruses, which cause the cold or flu, reside on smartphones, and other hand-held devices. These illness causing pathogens can be eliminated by installing a NuShield Triple A anti-microbial screen protector.

So protect yourself, your family or your loved ones, and get rid of harmful germs where they occur most often, on your smartphone or tablet viewing screen. Contact NuShield Inc. for the finest antimicrobial screen protector made. NuShield has been a leader in screen protection for over 15 years, featuring the Triple A Anti-Microbial screen protection film, and the DayVue anti-reflective film.