Month: July 2018

Infection Control Using NuShield at Health Care Facilities

If you walk into a hospital, doctor’s office or emergency care facility you will be surrounded by electronic devices at every step during your visit. Some facilities employ tablets or monitors to register your check in instead of the old paper and pen method. Once you are in an examination room you will find monitors and instruments with LCD displays to provide information to the doctors and nurses caring for you. If you are having a procedure done you will find displays in the surgical suites to monitor your vital signs and in teaching hospitals, televise the operation so students can see the procedure close up. And if you find yourself staying in the hospital you will notice that there are numerous monitors in the room to read out your vital signs and the staff is walking around with electronic tablets and mobile computer carts to review your progress and make notes in your electronic chart.

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See What Your Drone Sees, Not Your Reflection

The biggest wave in modern technology are drones. Whether they are used as a hobby, surveillance in law enforcement, real estate or just to get incredibly neat video or still pictures, drones are taking the consumer, commercial and professional market by storm!

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Celebrate July 4th with NuShield

July 4th is coming up, and what better way to spend the day than out in the sun with friends and family. With technology being a significant part of our lives, we know you won’t be leaving those cell phones, tablets and laptops behind either.

But these devices can be cumbersome to use out in bright sunlight. The reflections and glare from the devices can make it hard to see, in addition to the risk of the display getting damaged.

However, there is an answer. The NuShield DayVue Screen Protector can help protect your devices for an enjoyable July 4th experience. This article will show you how.

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