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Protect iPad Resale Values, Tablet Resale Values with NuShield

Many consumers don’t know what their devices are worth. When you get a new smartphone, for instance, your phone provider typically distributes the cost of the device into your plan, hiding how much you’re actually paying. Plus, many people seem to think devices are like cars: they depreciate in value from the minute you get them. But that’s not true.

The Real Value of Your Device

Most devices that people replace are not only perfectly functional, but desirable to buyers. Your device may not have the newest features, but device refurbishers and resellers are happy to buy it off your hands, spruce it up and resell it.
Good-condition year-old iPhone, for instance, can fetch as much as $500 on the current market. And for an iPad with no screen scratches, current iPad resale values can go a long way toward funding the purchase of a brand new device.

Recovering Your Screen Protector Investment

The better the condition the phone or notebook is when resold, the higher the price offered. A smartphone or tablet that has been protected with either a NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector or a Triple A Antiglare/Anti-Microbial/Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector will keep the screen on your device in top shape. Your initial investment in the NuShield screen protectors will keep the screens looking like new when you go to sell your device — and fetch a higher resale price.

Selling Your Device

It’s not difficult to sell back your device. Some people choose to go through Craigslist to sell their device directly to another user, but many stores will buy back devices, too.

In many cases, you can do this by simply bringing the device to the storefront, without making an appointment. But many people sell back their devices by selling them to online retailers, who typically give free quotes and pay out within days. They’ll usually also send packing materials for your device, and pay for shipping.

Some retailers will give cash for devices. But many retailers, such as Apple, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon and Target, will give store credit or a gift card, which allows you to immediately buy a new device to replace the old one. And carriers will often buy your device in return for credit on your data plan.

To avoid traveling to a store, you can also sell your device online at a bevy on online resellers. aggregates information from several online resellers and may be worth visiting to compare prices before deciding on who to sell your device to.

Popular Online Resellers

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Maximizing Resale Value

Prospective buyers look at many factors when considering purchasing a device. The condition of its body, for instance, is a major factor: the body needs to be integral, and free of cracks, scuffs or other damage. The age of a model, especially for Apple devices, will affect its value.

Your model’s type affects its price, as well. Apple products typically fetch a higher price than Android devices, so iPad resale values will be higher than resale values for other tablets. Depending on the market, you may find that your device has a higher resale value depending on its carrier.

Protecting Your Screen

One of the biggest things people look at, when they’re considering purchasing a used device, is the quality of its screen. When an iPad’s screen, for instance, is scratched, scuffed, cracked or chipped, iPad resale values are going to be greatly decreased. A refurbisher has to go to considerable expense to replace to screen, to make it attractive to buyers.

One of the easiest ways to protect your screen is by installing a screen protector, such as one of NuShield’s models. NuShield screen protectors are a single sheet of thin, transparent protective film that goes over your device’s screen. Despite their lightweight design, NuShield products are extremely durable, and usually last as long as the device does.

Although a NuShield film will not protect against you dropping your device and shattering your screen a NuShield screen protector will provide protection against scratches that are more likely to happen. It’s a simple, low-cost, one-time investment that can save you lots of money in the long run.

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How to Buy Your NuShield Screen Protectors

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