Month: August 2018

Major Motorcycle Events for 2018

For bike riders it is always fun to get away and hit the open road. Now that the weather is getting better in the East and North parts of the U.S. many riders are thinking about planning trips as vacations or just weekend getaways.

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Healthcare Integrators Install NuShield Anti-microbial Screen Protectors to Protect Staff, Patients and Screens

As the healthcare field continues to embrace the technology of touchscreen devices to enhance patient care and make the work environment more efficient, various recent studies have revealed that computer monitors, laptops, tablets and other displays are spreading germs and harboring harmful bacteria. Since individuals use these types of devices throughout the average day, and many of them are shared by multiple doctors, nurses and other professionals, a build-up of fingerprints and contaminants is common. As a result, frequent cleaning is often necessary to prevent streaks, glare, and most importantly- the spread of germs.

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