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Healthcare Integrators Install NuShield Anti-microbial Screen Protectors to Protect Staff, Patients and Screens

As the healthcare field continues to embrace the technology of touchscreen devices to enhance patient care and make the work environment more efficient, various recent studies have revealed that computer monitors, laptops, tablets and other displays are spreading germs and harboring harmful bacteria. Since individuals use these types of devices throughout the average day, and many of them are shared by multiple doctors, nurses and other professionals, a build-up of fingerprints and contaminants is common. As a result, frequent cleaning is often necessary to prevent streaks, glare, and most importantly- the spread of germs.

NuShield Anti-Microbial Screen Protector Helps Prevent a Breeding Ground for Germs

healthcare Touchscreen devices are commonly used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and even EMT vehicles on a regular basis. While these devices provide a wealth of benefits for the healthcare world, they also offer an excellent breeding ground for germs. In fact, recent research has revealed that touch screens in operating rooms, emergency departments, and even isolation rooms are often heavily contaminated with organisms that put patients and medical staff at risk for developing dangerous infections and contagious disease. Although frequent, thorough cleanings with solvents and disinfectants is recommended to prevent the spread of germs, these procedures are rarely possible in the busy world of healthcare.

In an effort to provide protection from harmful contaminants, manufacturers of touchscreen devices used in healthcare settings are increasingly installing anti-microbial screen protectors. NuShield Triple A screen protectors inhibit the growth of microbial organisms to significantly reduce cross contamination and the spread of infectious disease. Recent tests that used Staphylococcus aureus and colon bacillus bacteria revealed that the innovative technology used by Triple A reduces these germs by an astounding 99%.

NuShield Triple A Prevents Screen Glare

Since bright lights are essential in the healthcare setting, interference from screen glare is common. The reflection many users experience can make reading difficult and interpretation inaccurate. The anti-glare properties of the NuShield Triple A film helps to diffuse glare from overhead lights, adjacent windows and more.

Anti-Microbial Screen Protectors Stand Up to Exposure

Health care providers and facilities choose NuShield Triple A screen protectors over other products because they are designed to stand up to the harsh environment of the medical field and they are easy to clean. Thorough or frequent cleanings with hospital grade solvents and disinfectants will not diminish their anti-microbial properties. Additionally, this durable film helps protect hospital equipment from scratches and dings caused by heavy use. They are extremely versatile, and manufacturers are now installing them on the screens of a wide variety of medical equipment including:

  • Computer monitors, tablets, laptops and handheld devices
  • Monitoring displays in hospital rooms and operating rooms
  • LCD Interface lab equipment
  • Signature capture devices

Ordering NuShield Anti-Microbial Screen Protectors is a Cinch

NuShield screen protectors are currently available for more than 12,000 different display devices. If you cannot locate your device in the database, NuShield will create a film specifically for your screen. Order online today, or feel free to contact NuShield for more information about the benefits of our revolutionary screen protectors.