Month: April 2020

How To Protect Your Eyes From Screen Glare When Working From Home

By Jane Sandwood

As the country continues its efforts against the Coronavirus pandemic, record numbers of Americans are attempting to adjust to a work from home setup. In the Cheddar/YouGov Poll in March, 28 percent of workers said they are currently working from home. This means millions of workers will be contemplating how to get the best office setup, including positioning their computer screens to avoid screen glare when working from home. Around 70 percent of adults report digital eye strain, stemming from the use of computer, mobile and tablet screens. With workers spending around 10 hours per day in front of a computer screen, it’s important that you practice a few simple positioning tricks to protect your vision. Whether you are just setting up your new electronic device in your home office or have already created a nook dedicated to working at home, here are a few positioning tips that can reduce the chances of eye strain.

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Are You Getting Germs With Your Fries?

When you decide to dine out, how comfortable are you that your waiter or food handler is concerned about passing germs to you along with your food?

Food workers are supposed to wash their hands and follow certain safety instructions when handling food, but these practices are mostly ignored. While most employees will wash their hands after going to the bathroom, these same people will cough or sneeze into their hands and then transfer their germs directly to your food. Even if they are wearing gloves while handling food, there is always the chance that they will wipe their nose and transfer the germs onto their gloves and eventually onto your plate.

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