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Are You Getting Germs With Your Fries?

When you decide to dine out, how comfortable are you that your waiter or food handler is concerned about passing germs to you along with your food?

Food workers are supposed to wash their hands and follow certain safety instructions when handling food, but these practices are mostly ignored. While most employees will wash their hands after going to the bathroom, these same people will cough or sneeze into their hands and then transfer their germs directly to your food. Even if they are wearing gloves while handling food, there is always the chance that they will wipe their nose and transfer the germs onto their gloves and eventually onto your plate.

passing germs In a recent article by The Sun newspaper they found traces of feces and other bacteria on McDonald’s touch screens in the UK. In most probability, the same could be found on these same devices here in the U.S. However, the germiest areas in a restaurant are your table tops, menus and the Point of Sale devices where the waiters input your order. These surfaces are teaming with germs passed from one customer to another by the hostess and waitress. Even if the tabletop is wiped after every customer, your menus are not. And neither are the display surface of the ordering system.

passing germs At the recent Restaurant trade show in NYC we asked manufacturers of Point of Sale displays about germs teaming on their display surfaces. It was scary to find out that they were relying on restaurants to wipe down the display screens on a regular basis. However, any germ killing solutions that would be used also damages the surface of these displays. So most likely, your restaurant would use water which does nothing to kill the germs, maybe eliminate fingerprints.

On the plus side, every manufacturer was receptive and welcoming to the idea of placing an anti-microbial protective film over the display. Micros Oracle is promoting the NuShield Triple A film and have installed it on their devices shown at this show. They will be installing these on new units going out to customers and will be directing current customers to NuShield to retrofit their purchased devices with the films. Negotiations are on the way with other manufacturers to install the Triple A film on their devices as well.

The NuShield Triple A screen protector film not only protects against passing germs but also scratches and removes glare, Health care facilities have used this film for years on their electronic devices to protect against germs and also to prevent damage to the screen when they wipe the device with harsh disinfectant chemicals.

The NuShield film is easy to install and will protect your device from damage. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit devices up to 80 inch diagonal. To see if we already have a film size to fit your device look here.