Month: August 2021

Back To School Covid Style

Its only August, but some kids are turning their attention to going back to school.  Some districts and colleges start before Labor Day and the drudgery of shopping has begun.  Many parents and students are looking forward to heading back to the classroom after a year of virtual education. But this means its time to go shopping for new clothes and shoes. And students today are equipped with electronics. No one uses notebooks, pencils, pens or erasers these days. Laptops, tablets, smartphones are a must in today’s high technology world.

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Fun at Home with Recreational Drones

Formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones might more easily be thought of as flying robots. They can do all sorts of things like race, take aerial photographs, help locate lost pets, retrieve items from rooftops, and much more. If you or a member of your household is searching for a fun new activity or pastime to enjoy, flying drones offers numerous benefits and can provide hours of excitement. The more time you spend practicing operating your drone, the better you’ll become. Drones have many uses, and the list of them is only growing.

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