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Do Classrooms Even Use Chalkboards Anymore?

If you have not been in a school classroom lately you would not know that the old blackboard and chalk have gone the way of the dinosaur. Most classrooms today use a white board or some type of electronic monitor like a Prometheus Board to conduct lessons and show presentations to the students.

classrooms The transformation started when kids with asthma started to complain about chalk dust in the room and special accommodations had to be made for them. Also, chalk dust gets into electronic equipment which also caused issues in the classroom.

School districts are going to their Board and to their community to ask for funds to create high-tech classrooms which include large TV monitors. However, one drawback is the glare coming in from the windows and from overhead lights that make screen visibility impossible from every classroom seat.

NuShield has been working with several schools and districts who have or currently are changing over to these large monitors and need a proper solution to this glare issue. The NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector film has proven itself time and again to do the job effectively. And the schools love the fact that the film also has a germ-killing and an anti-fingerprint surface.

Although the films are easy to install, many districts have hired companies who do window film installation, so they don’t have to worry about bubbles or dirt specs getting caught between the film and the screen.

NuShield has over 500 different television sizes currently listed on its website and adds new models almost daily. You can find your television here at If your model is not listed, NuShield will work with you to find a film size to fit your display or create a new size without additional charge.

If your school still works with chalkboards, it is time to talk to administration about bringing technology into the classroom.