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NRA Restaurant Show

Dining Electronically, Almost Futuristic

Imagine a day when you walk into a restaurant. You are greeted by a large display screen that shows the available tables in the restaurant. You select the table and the number of guests by tapping on the screen and entering your name. Lights on the floor direct you to your table where there is a tablet waiting with the menu showing. You select your order and in a couple of minutes a robotic tray brings out your food. After you finish and ready to leave you use the tablet to pay for your meal with a credit or debit card and off you go.

Sound a bit futuristic? Not as far off as you might imagine. 

At the recent Restaurant show in New York City there were various companies featuring food automation robots that can make your food, server bots that can bring and take away food trays and scrubber bots to clean the floors. These robots now take us further into total food automation. Automated vending machines, like those created by G&A Robot, can now cook up meals at the touch of a button, not just store drinks and snacks. Robots made by Todo Robotics can handle several food trays and bring them to tables or take away the dirty dishes.

As you know many restaurants have adopted electronic handheld ordering systems to take your order and also accept payment if paying by credit card. A wireless POS system, such as Micros, TouchBistro, ABC POS, Boxy POS, BIM POS, Clover, ShopKeep, Toast or eZeeBurrp, make it easy for servers to take orders which goes directly to the kitchen, speeding up service and the delivery of your food. All a restaurant needs is a WiFi network throughout its building, and communication between the kitchen and the front of the house is easy.

So where does NuShield come into the picture?

All of these devices operate using an LCD touch screen. But there’s a problem with most screens; they reflect light back into the user’s eyes, in the form of glare. This is inconvenient and makes the device nearly unusable. However, there’s a simple solution. By installing an anti-glare screen protector such as NuShield’s Triple A film on the display screen, glare can be easily eliminated. The display will also be protected against scratches, scrapes, drops and cracks during a busy workday.

The Triple A screen protector comes pre-cut in a variety of sizes, so it’ll fit perfectly to any display. Just peel off the protective liner then smooth it over the screen. It’ll stay firmly affixed, but can be peeled off whenever necessary. And because it’s such a thin film, the display will retain all its touch screen functionality. The Triple A film also has an anti-bacterial feature which kills germs on the film surface, preventing germs to pass between users. As more restaurants employ POS devices, the need for NuShield films becomes even greater.

Contact NuShield Inc. for the best anti glare screen protector made. NuShield has been a leader in screen protection for almost 25 years, and has been providing glare elimination and screen protection for the most unique applications. We currently provide film sizes for over 15,000 devices, from smart phones to large TV screen displays, and we create new ones every day. Can we make one for your device?

Keyence IM-8030 Measurement System

NuShield DayVue Screen Protector Film Becomes Vital Component of Space Program

HAMILTON, NJ – NuShield, a division of Princetel, Inc., an industry leader in LCD and LED screen protection, germ and glare-elimination technology, has been named a preferred vendor by Space Exploration Technologies Corp., better known as SpaceX.

The NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector films will be used on Keyence inspection equipment to help determine that various spacecraft parts are in compliance with specifications.  NuShield is also supplying film for displays in other parts of the production process. We expect one day our film will be used to reduce glare on displays traveling in space to destinations like the Moon, Mars and beyond.

For the Keyence inspection equipment, the DayVue film provides protection to the glass surface to prevent scratches from the constant placement and removal of parts while providing 99% visual clarity. NuShield has had a long-standing partnership with Keyence and its customers to provide the DayVue film for various measurement and inspection equipment.

The NuShield DayVue film protects displays with anti-reflective coating from damage and it also upgrades a display without anti-reflective capabilities for better performance. The film has several top layers with a carefully chosen index of refraction minimizing the blue end of the spectrum. This means that the screen can be seen clearly even with polarized sunglasses. The DayVue largely eliminates blue-violet banding.

The DayVue screen protector uses a slightly tacky silicone rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive, which means the film can be easily applied and removed, and will not trap air. The film is resistant to a long list of chemicals and can be cleaned with solvents or rubbing alcohol without affecting its properties.

NuShield, based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1998 and manufactures other screen protectors such as anti-glare, anti-microbial and privacy films for over 15,000 electronic devices with LCD, LED or plasma displays up to 100 inches diagonal. Learn more about NuShield and its screen protection technology at

Princetel, Inc. is the parent company based in Hamilton, NJ, and manufactures fiber optic rotary joints, electrical slip rings, fiber polishing machines, and fiber cable reels. Learn more about Princetel at

For more information contact:

Andrew Serenyi

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New York Boat Show Introduces New Equipment

January might be cold outside, but in New York the Javits Center is filled with summertime fun. At the annual Boat Show manufacturers and dealers were exhibiting their newest boats, engines, equipment and accessories. NuShield visited the show to find GPS equipment offered by manufacturers from Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, Simrad and Si-Tex-Kodex.

Although most of these now have glass-like surfaces with anti-reflective coating there are still issues which these new displays do not address. A major one is the problem with the screen turning dark when the user is wearing polarized sunglasses.  NuShield addressed this issue with its DayVue film that keeps the display light even when wearing polarized sunglasses.

Another issue is the salt depositing on the display and when wiped off, can leave scratch marks over a period of time.  Also, the constant exposure to the sun can burn the glass on the display. By installing the NuShield DayVue film it is a cost effective solution to protect the display from marring and sun damage.  NuShield has added over 30 devices to its database and are available for sale. 

The NuShield film is easy to install and will withstand the harsh weather conditions on the water while providing excellent protection for the instruments.  Check out all the GPS, Fishfinder and monitor devices on our website.

NuShield Protects Large TV Screens

We are happy to announce that the NuShield Antiglare screen protector film is available in sizes up to 100 inch diagonal.  Other manufacturers can only sell up to 80 inch diagonal films.

If you have a TV that is 82 inch, 85 inch, 90 inch or even 98 inch diagonal you need not suffer with glare any longer. Our Antiglare film has a non-adhesive backing so you don’t have to worry about bubbles or hard installation process.  We use a thin double-sided adhesive strip that holds the film in place. In just 10 minutes you can install our film and enjoy glare free TV.

The film even works with TVs that are placed outside under an awning or in a three season room that has glass all around.  The film diffuses the glare so you can watch your show, not reflections from your yard or other surroundings.

NuShield currently supports over 15,000 different devices with an LCD, LED or plasma display up to 100 inch diagonal.  Major television manufacturers include LG, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL and Sharp.

If we don’t already list your TV on our website NuShield can create new film sizes to fit your device without extra cost. Just provide the width and height measurements of your screen using our Contact Us form.

NuShield Introduces Selectview™ Privacy Film

When you are working or relaxing in a public place or traveling, you still want to maintain your privacy on your phone, tablet or laptop.  On trains and planes you are sitting too close to others who can look at your display screen while you are using your device and see the content on the screen. 

To keep those prying eyes at bay, NuShield offers the SelectView privacy screen protector film.  The film is constructed so that the information displayed on the screen can only be viewed by looking directly at the screen.  Anyone looking at the screen from an angle will only see a dark screen. 

The film is flexible and installs easily using a light adhesive backing. The film reduces glare, provides scratch resistance and can be used with touch screen applications.  The SelectView film was created for use with Smartphones, tablets, laptops and smaller monitors.  The film has vertical bars imbedded in the film which allows the user to see the screen when looked at directly, but blocks visibility from any angle.

The film is ideal for use by HR departments, healthcare facilities, banks and financial institutions where privacy to information is of utmost importance.  And the film does not affect touch screen software capability. You can use your finger or stylus to manipulate information on the screen.  It is scratch resistant and also reduces glare on the surface and eliminates reflections.

NuShield also offers other types of screen protectors for glare elimination indoors or outdoors. NuShield currently offers film sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices such as SmartPhones, tablets, laptops, monitors and even TVs up to 80 inch diagonal. And if NuShield does not have your particular device in its database, the company will work with you to create the size to fit your device without extra cost in a short time period. For more information visit the NuShield website.

Phone without Privacy Film
Phone without Privacy Film
Phone with SelectView Film
Phone with SelectView Film

NuShield Helps to Make Movies

On March 12, 2023 the 95th Academy of Awards, also known as the Oscars was presented in Los Angeles, CA.  In the beginning the director relied on a cinematographer to capture the scene and then waiting around for the film to be processed and see the result. Then if not correct they had to reshoot the scene and wait around again. This took a very long time and lots of money for the actors and production people.

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Winter Sun Glare Can Be Hazardous

According to meteorologists, the Winter of 2023 has been warmer in some parts of the country while other areas have been socked in with large amounts of snow. This comes as great news to skiing communities, but other areas suffer from bone-chilling cold.  And rain can make driving unpleasant and dangerous. 

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Office Equipment Displays Can Be Germ Farms

As more and more companies are requiring their employees to return to the office the likelihood that you might contract Covid-19, or the flu are very high. And not everyone is practicing wearing masks and staying six feet apart. Also, there are equipment shared by all in the office which have touch screen LCD displays and easily spreads germs and viruses.

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Enjoy a Glare Free Super Bowl

So, you bought a brand-new TV over the holidays or during the January blowout sale.  And after you set it up either inside or on the back patio you are horrified to see that you are seeing more reflection than what is actually happening in the program. You try to adjust the TV viewing angle, but the reflections don’t go away.

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Taking Advantage of After-Holiday TV Sales

It is a new year and manufacturers are introducing new TVs on the market after they sold out of their old ones during after holiday TV sales. And you might think it is a good idea to update your old set and to purchase a Smart TV that comes pre-packed with streaming services and maybe a larger size with that perfect picture that feels like you are in the middle of the action. But before you step into the store you might want to better understand the differences in technology of the TVs on the market.

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