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Winter Sun Glare Can Be Hazardous

According to meteorologists, the Winter of 2023 has been warmer in some parts of the country while other areas have been socked in with large amounts of snow. This comes as great news to skiing communities, but other areas suffer from bone-chilling cold.  And rain can make driving unpleasant and dangerous. 

The one thing that stays constant is the fact that the sun remains low in the sky during your morning and afternoon commute to work or school.  The bright sunshine comes in through your window or sunroof and creates glare on your electronic displays. Some of these displays today range between 5 inches and 18 inches in size, like the one in the Tesla models. When you can’t see your GPS or Radio it becomes a distraction which might cause an accident.

If you do a lot of driving into the sun then wearing polarized sunglasses can help to cut down the glare. However, many GPS displays become dark when looked at through polarized sunglasses. 

But there’s a simple solution. The NuShield DayVue screen protector is designed to work with polarized sunglasses. The DayVue screen protector film allows the light to pass through from your GPS even in direct sunlight.

If you don’t wear polarized sunglasses, then the NuShield Triple A screen protector will work for you to eliminate the glare on your display. This film also has an anti-fingerprint function.

NuShield already supports hundreds of built-in and external GPS devices and they come pre-cut to match your screen. If you don’t see your device listed on NuShield’s website, then just send in the dimensions and NuShield will create a size to fit your screen without extra charge. When it arrives, just smooth the film onto your device’s screen, with no need for special adhesives. To remove it, just peel it off.

The protective film is light, sturdy and strong. It protects the screen from scratches that can decrease the resale value, but it’s thin enough to for touch screen manipulation. It is the safe way to help you drive in bright conditions.  Order online to make a purchase or contact us if you don’t see your device on our list and we will work with you to create a film to fit your display.