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Farmers Use NuShield To Eliminate Glare

Precision farming is the wave of the future. Electronic gadgets with glossy LED and LCD screens are finding their way on to the farms. When you are running your massive irrigator, spreader, or combine harvester, it’s critical to know your location in the field. GPS driven touch screens are a common technology utilized by many large-scale farmers to evaluate their sowing density, fertilizer quantities, and several other parameters to improve productivity through precision farming. These interactive touch screens generate harmful glares that when not controlled, can cause headaches and eye strains, especially inside a cab that is surrounded by glass.

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Time to Think about Spring Planting

If you are a farmer, what better time than the dead of winter to think about improving your equipment or to increase your crop yield.  That is why the Iowa Power Farming Show taking place in Des Moines in January 29-31, 2019 is a big deal.  It is the largest indoor farm show in the United States. Farmers from around the country come to look at all the new equipment and talk about improving yield and lowering cost.

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NuShield Helps Farmers During Planting Season

As Spring rolls around again farmers around the country are starting to wake the fields and getting them ready to supply the American market with wheat, soybean and corn. Just over two million farms dot America’s rural landscape. And about 99 percent of these farms are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships or family corporations.

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Greenhouse Automation: NuShield DayVue Screen Protectors Ease Reading Displays for Horticulturists

Anyone who works in a greenhouse or in the context of horticulture understands the importance of efficiency. The typical greenhouse or horticulture business requires extensive outdoor work with chemicals, water, plants and computers. Greenhouse automation makes substantial use of computers in this push for efficiency. Some horticulturists actually spend the majority of their day out in the field, analyzing data with a tablet or smartphone.

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