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NRA Restaurant Show

Dining Electronically, Almost Futuristic

Imagine a day when you walk into a restaurant. You are greeted by a large display screen that shows the available tables in the restaurant. You select the table and the number of guests by tapping on the screen and entering your name. Lights on the floor direct you to your table where there is a tablet waiting with the menu showing. You select your order and in a couple of minutes a robotic tray brings out your food. After you finish and ready to leave you use the tablet to pay for your meal with a credit or debit card and off you go.

Sound a bit futuristic? Not as far off as you might imagine. 

At the recent Restaurant show in New York City there were various companies featuring food automation robots that can make your food, server bots that can bring and take away food trays and scrubber bots to clean the floors. These robots now take us further into total food automation. Automated vending machines, like those created by G&A Robot, can now cook up meals at the touch of a button, not just store drinks and snacks. Robots made by Todo Robotics can handle several food trays and bring them to tables or take away the dirty dishes.

As you know many restaurants have adopted electronic handheld ordering systems to take your order and also accept payment if paying by credit card. A wireless POS system, such as Micros, TouchBistro, ABC POS, Boxy POS, BIM POS, Clover, ShopKeep, Toast or eZeeBurrp, make it easy for servers to take orders which goes directly to the kitchen, speeding up service and the delivery of your food. All a restaurant needs is a WiFi network throughout its building, and communication between the kitchen and the front of the house is easy.

So where does NuShield come into the picture?

All of these devices operate using an LCD touch screen. But there’s a problem with most screens; they reflect light back into the user’s eyes, in the form of glare. This is inconvenient and makes the device nearly unusable. However, there’s a simple solution. By installing an anti-glare screen protector such as NuShield’s Triple A film on the display screen, glare can be easily eliminated. The display will also be protected against scratches, scrapes, drops and cracks during a busy workday.

The Triple A screen protector comes pre-cut in a variety of sizes, so it’ll fit perfectly to any display. Just peel off the protective liner then smooth it over the screen. It’ll stay firmly affixed, but can be peeled off whenever necessary. And because it’s such a thin film, the display will retain all its touch screen functionality. The Triple A film also has an anti-bacterial feature which kills germs on the film surface, preventing germs to pass between users. As more restaurants employ POS devices, the need for NuShield films becomes even greater.

Contact NuShield Inc. for the best anti glare screen protector made. NuShield has been a leader in screen protection for almost 25 years, and has been providing glare elimination and screen protection for the most unique applications. We currently provide film sizes for over 15,000 devices, from smart phones to large TV screen displays, and we create new ones every day. Can we make one for your device?

NASCAR Races Into The Future

February 6, 2022 will begin the new racing season for NASCAR Cup Series with a special short-track race taking place at the Los Angeles Coliseum in California. The new season will also feature the new Gen 7 car which will feature improved aero and down-force packages while introducing new technologies on the track. This move by officials also helps to lower costs for teams and offers opportunities for other manufacturers to enter into the race.

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Choosing a New Television is More Than a Pretty Picture

It is a new year and manufacturers are introducing new televisions on the market after they sold out their old ones during the holidays. And you might think it is a good idea to update your old set and to purchase a Smart TV that comes pre-packed with streaming services and maybe a larger size with that perfect picture that feels like you are in the middle of the action. But before you step into the store you might want to better understand the differences in technology of the TVs on the market.

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Spring Forward with NuShield

Daylight savings time is now in effect which means longer daytime hours. And while the temperatures in many parts of the country are still on the chili side, warmer weather is on its way.  That means we will be spending more time walking, running, playing and driving.

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NuShield’s Antimicrobial Protection Kills Germs on Office Equipment Displays

Although most of us are working from home during this Covid crisis as much as possible, there are offices that are open and employees have report to work. And Covid is not the only germ proliferating the office.  We are also into our annual cold and flu season. Fortunately there are strict rules in place about wearing masks and staying six feet apart. However, there are equipment that are shared by all and easily spreads germs and viruses.

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Exercise Made Easier with NuShield

If you are one of thousands who prefer to exercise at home instead of going to a gym then you might have noticed that the digital display on your machine is a glare collector. Many cycles and treads such as Circle Fitness, Cybex, Echelon, Lifecycle, NordicTrack, and Peloton use LCD monitor displays that can run television programs, video, or stream internet. You can live chat with friends or work out together.

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NuShield Makes the NYC Subway System Safer

In large cities you’ll find mass transportation systems to move millions of people either underground, above ground or both. Motormen control car movement using electronic touch screen instrument displays. Gone are the days hand controls and manual brakes.

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