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Touch Times Going Back to School During Covid

This year the phrase “back to school” was a total misnomer for students, parents and teachers. The Covid virus nightmare that we have been dealing with for the past eight months has not been resolved and people are being infected, sickened and hospitalized on a daily basis. The death rate is increasing, and it does not matter if you are young or old.

Educators and government officials have wrestled with the logistics of implementing a school curriculum that would be safe for everyone. In states where government officials have forced schools to open their doors and bring students into the classrooms the number of Covid diagnosed cases have skyrocketed among students, teachers and staff. But going full time virtual also deprives students of learning together and sharing experiences with their peers.

As educators try to figure out the best course of action and a way towards a hybrid school model, the good news is that most students now have laptops to work on and do their schoolwork either from home or in class.

Even without the fear of the Covid virus the surface of the laptop screen can be a factory for bacteria production and these germs can be passes to others. In the past we only had to worry about catching a cold or the flu from these germs which are still around.

This is why NuShield is offering the Triple A anti-bacterial screen protector film. After it is installed, the film will inhibit the growth of germs on the surface and allows the area to be cleaned with a disinfectant solution that otherwise would ruin the screen.  The film is easy to install because it uses a tacky adhesive which also makes eliminating bubbles easy.

The anti-bacterial benefit is permanent and won’t wear off, unlike some spray on materials. And the anti-glare feature eliminates reflections that reduce eye strain from overhead lights in the classroom. This year, more than ever, protecting your child from harmful germs is more important than ever. 

NuShield offers screen protectors for over 15,000 different devices which includes phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and even televisions. You can look for your device on the NuShield website. If you don’t find your device listed on the site, NuShield will work with you to create a film size to fit your screen. Let NuShield take some of the back to school worries off your shoulders by helping you protect your child’s electronic devices.