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NuShield Guide to Major Motorcycle Events in 2024

As the weather gets warmer it is time to get that bike out of the garage and start planning touring trips on the weekends. This is especially true in the northern regions where we suffered through a snowy winter. It’s time to get together again with friends and plan weekend outings. If you want to meet up with other riders and make new friends the website lists the major rallies and bike weeks around the U.S. between now and end of 2024. The organization has close to 43,500 members, photos, blogs, businesses and lists over 44,000 events.

These events include rallies, biker parties, poker runs, rides, charity and benefit events, motorcycle swap meets, bike shows and more. It is a great source for information and to learn about what is going on. Getting there is another story. In the old days you had to prepare for a trip by looking at paper maps and charting your route. Today, you have a GPS that keeps you on the right path. Some bikes like Harleys come with a Road Glider GPS built in already or the BMW Motorrad series. Or you can fit a GPS such as a TomTom or Garmin on your motorcycle handlebar to guide you.

However, many devices have a very weak display that washes out in direct sunlight. You are left struggling to read the screen, and you may miss exits or get lost. Although some navigation systems come pre-installed with a protector film, it is no match for the strong sunlight, even when the LCD screen settings have been adjusted to the optimal. To deal with this problem, some bikers started wearing polarized sunglasses or helmets with anti-glare shields. This did not solve the problem and to some extent, it made it worse.

The DayVue anti-reflective screen protector is probably the best answer on the market to help you solve this problem. It is manufactured to make it possible to view the display screen when the sunlight hits the display. The film traps glare so you can read the display and because it uses circular polarization technology, it works even better when you wear polarized sunglasses or use an anti-glare or polarized face shield. Your screen also gets extra protection from scratches and burnouts from exposure to direct sunlight. The editors at Consumer Motorcycle News tested the NuShield film and were very impressed by its performance.

This same film was created for the US military to help soldiers in the battlefield read their electronic device display screens. It has stood up to the harsh environments in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also used by the Andretti Autosport Grand Prix racing team who installed the DayVue film on their in-car digital dash to help Formula One racecar drivers read their displays in bright sunlight. The open cockpits and polarized helmet shields made it impossible to read the display prior to installing the NuShield DayVue film.

The NuShield screen protector uses a light tacky adhesive that can be easily installed. It also does not leave any residue behind if you need to remove it. The extra screen protection is essential for your GPS screen. With several motorcycle rallies planned for this year, you can’t miss taking the DayVue anti-reflective screen protector with you to get an edge.

Just go to the NuShield website and select the manufacturer of your bike or GPS from the “Brands” pull-down menu. Then look for your GPS model. The film type you need is the DayVue. Then just place it in your Cart and check out. It’s simple as that. It is time to start getting your bike ready for the summer. Order your NuShield screen protector today!

Your GPS display Can Be a Hazard in an Accident

Almost all cars sold today come with an entertainment or GPS system. The screen size of these devices can be as large as a laptop such as the one on the Tesla Model 3. While it is great to view a screen without squinting at the screen while driving, these displays can also become a hazard during a crash. Depending on the impact of the collision the shards of the display can fly everywhere and can injure you or your passengers. The larger the display, the greater the risk.

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Are Sun Glare Related Accidents Under-Reported?

By Jane Graham

Sun glare is responsible for just a few hundred auto accidents every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The AAA, on the other hand, argues that sun glare is a contributing factor to thousands of accidents annually. Either way, there’s no denying that the GPS navigation system in your car on a sunny day significantly increases your chances of being involved in an accident. But are these systems combined with the sun really to blame for numerous auto accidents on America’s roads each year?

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A NuShield Screen Protector Shows Your Love This Valentine’s Day

February 14 is the day of love and we go out of our way to show our special someone how much we love them. Hopefully, you have carefully thought about what to give this year instead of relying on the old fall-back of flowers and candy. If you are giving an electronic device with a shiny display screen then you should also consider a NuShield film to protect this device from glare and scratches.

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Winter Driving With NuShield

According to meteorologists, the Winter of 2019 will be warmer than usual thanks to the El Nino effect. That means you will see less news about 10 foot or more snow fall dumped on communities around the country. The warmer weather will however bring more rain and flooding in low lying areas will be of concern.

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Is Your Car GPS Display Becoming a Distraction When You’re Driving?

If you have a car that was built since 2015 then you probably have an electronic display that allows you to pick your radio station, control your comfort, set your destination and answer your phone. Some functions can be voice controlled, but most often you have to look away from the road to fiddle with the touch screen. And the glare on the screen makes visibility even harder. This is a recipe for an accident.

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Is Your GPS display a Hazard in an Accident?

Blog article by Andrew Serenyi

Almost all cars sold today come with an entertainment system or GPS system. The screen of this device is a Liquid Crystal Display which can crack or even disintegrate during a crash. The shards of the display can fly everywhere and even injure you or your passengers. The larger the display, the greater the risk.

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