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Your GPS display Can Be a Hazard in an Accident

Almost all cars sold today come with an entertainment or GPS system. The screen size of these devices can be as large as a laptop such as the one on the Tesla Model 3. While it is great to view a screen without squinting at the screen while driving, these displays can also become a hazard during a crash. Depending on the impact of the collision the shards of the display can fly everywhere and can injure you or your passengers. The larger the display, the greater the risk.

Most cars sold today have at least a 7-inch diagonal display, placed with the screen facing upward which would also create a dangerous situation if that display cracked and shards started flying. For example, the Tesla display is almost the size of a laptop at 17-inch diagonal. In a serious crash, that display can crack, and shards can injure the passengers.

So how do you protect yourself? Many drivers have turned to NuShield to purchase a screen protector overlay film for their display. When properly installed, the film will keep any cracked pieces from flying around in case of an accident. The NuShield screen protector will also help to keep the screen in pristine condition and protecting it from damage by chemical interaction such as ammonia from window cleaning liquids marring the matte coating.

NuShield offers two types of films for this purpose. The Triple A anti-glare film is used by drivers who prefer the matte finish. The film also hides fingerprints and can be easily cleaned.

The DayVue anti-reflective film is recommended for drivers who wear polarized sunglasses during the day. The film helps to keep the display visible which is an issue for some sunglass wearers even without the NuShield film installed.

Both films are easy to install because they have a slight tacky backing and can easily be removed if needed without damaging the display. NuShield currently has sizes for displays in cars and trucks for over 2,000 vehicles up to 2022 models and will work with you to create a film for your display when needed without extra charge.

Ordering a NuShield DayVue film is quick and easy, and we’re always here to answer your questions. Order your film today! If you have any questions, use our on-line chat or call 877-900-9192.