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NuShield Helps To Enjoy Your Vacation More

As the world opens up in the aftermath of Covid 19 more families have decided to travel during the Summer and take the kids to see sights and new cities. Most of us are fully vaccinated and boosted so the fear of catching Covid 19 and having a serious reaction has been subdued.

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NuShield Supports iPhone 12 Series

Apple recently introduced the new iPhone 12 series featuring new technology. But how much difference is there between the iPhone 11 series and the new iPhone 12 series?  We asked Mark Spoonauer who wrote a lengthy review for Tom’s guide.

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Did You Get a New Shiny Electronic Device for the Holidays?

If you were one of the lucky recipients of a new phone, tablet, laptop or tv, congratulations!

However, you might have noticed that when you watch the display of your new device you find that you see more of your reflection than what’s on the screen. Even if your device came with a screen protector film installed it probably was more for scratch resistance than glare elimination. And when you take your phone, tablet or laptop outside it becomes impossible to see past the glare.

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Celebrate July 4th with NuShield

July 4th is coming up, and what better way to spend the day than out in the sun with friends and family. With technology being a significant part of our lives, we know you won’t be leaving those cell phones, tablets and laptops behind either.

But these devices can be cumbersome to use out in bright sunlight. The reflections and glare from the devices can make it hard to see, in addition to the risk of the display getting damaged.

However, there is an answer. The NuShield DayVue Screen Protector can help protect your devices for an enjoyable July 4th experience. This article will show you how.

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Protect your Phone and Tablet In The Kitchen This Holiday Season

As the holidays are fast approaching, you’re probably already exploring recipes that you can use to spice up this year’s meals. Indeed, the Internet has made it easier and more convenient to access many different recipes such as Pinterest. You can now take your cooking to the next level by following step-by-step recipes that can result in a truly mouth-watering meal.

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NuShield Screen Protectors Now Available for the New iPhone devices

The new generation of iPhones seek to truly push the envelope of creativity. Key to this innovation process is the new, larger and stunning displays that are present on these devices. The iPhone 8 boasts a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, with the iPhone 8 Plus having a display size of 5.5 inches. Such large and high-quality displays come with a hefty price tag. Indeed, replacing a damaged screen on the iPhone 8 can easily cost you several hundred dollars. And the iPhone X has a humongous 5.8 inch retina display.

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